Prudential Got Loved Ones to Stare at Each Other for 4 Emotional Minutes in This Ad

Prudential Singapore is inviting people to reconnect in an emotional new spot. "Our relationships are becoming more and more disconnected," reads the opening on-screen copy. "Can simply looking at someone for 4 minutes improve your relationship?"  The work is reminiscent of Dr. Arthur Aron's experiment, where two people fell in love after he instructed them to ask each other a series of questions while staring into each other's eyes for up to four minutes.  The people Prudential Singapore choose for this social experiment vary in their relationships: husband and wife, parent and child, siblings. We started watching stoically and skeptically—as one is apt to be when so many brands' premises seem to be, "Let's do a social experiment so it'll go viral!" But halfway in, we sobbed our way through a small pile of tissues.

Prudential and Droga5 Want You to be Selfish This Holiday Season and Spend More on Yourself

This year Prudential is asking people to scrounge up some extra cash around the holidays and donate it to a worthy cause: their future savings.  

Ad of the Day: Prudential Visits Madagascar’s Fishermen for This Gorgeous, Moving Film

Consistency—supposedly the hobgoblin of small minds—might seem like an unlikely driver for evocative brand storytelling. Yet, Lowe Cape Town and Prudential South Africa have created memorable, moving short films illustrating the company's credo that "Consistency is the only currency that matters" when it comes to managing clients' money.

Here Are Forbes’ 50 Most Influential CMOs of 2014

Male chief marketing officers on Forbes' third annual Appinions CMO Influence Study, which was released today, are 22 percent more influential than their female peers.

Where 12 Huge Brands’ Display Ads Are Dominating the Site [Updated]

AdClarity scanned the entire Internet during the last six months to find out where General Motors, McDonald's, Amazon, Best Buy, Wells Fargo and seven other brands were getting the biggest […]

Adidas Makes Gains Among Black Consumers, L’Oréal Lags

Adidas, E*Trade, Geico and Land Rover are a few of the brands that have made the biggest gains in terms of positive awareness among black teenagers and adults during the last year, per NewMediaMetrics (NMM).

David Droga Talks Management Moves

As the saying goes, success has many fathers and failure is an orphan.

The New York Times Tries Another Interactive Ad Unit

In keeping with its experiments to create interactive, shareable ad units, The New York Times is running a front-page ad takeover for Prudential that lets users see the front page of the newspaper from the day they were born once they punch in their birthdate.

Droga5 Ups Bauer to Chief Strategy Officer

In an effort to swim insight further upstream in client talks and compete for new business on a larger global canvas, Droga5 has promoted Jonny Bauer, its head of strategy, to the newly created role of chief strategy officer.

After 10 Years, Marquee Midtown Tunnel Billboard Gets a New Tenant

One marquee billboard location in New York City is shifting its attention from jet-setters to retirees. British Airways has owned the Midtown Tunnel billboard visible to commuters just as they arrive in Manhattan for more than 10 years. As of today, Prudential is taking it over, beginning with a teaser campaign from Droga5 linked to the brand's "Day One Stories" campaign, in which the agency asked people across the country to document their very first day of retirement. (We wrote about the TV component here.) The first teaser board went up Tuesday morning, showing a single photo of a new retiree's "Day One." New photos will be added on Thursday, next Monday and Wednesday—with a full collage of retiree photos and the final branding unveil on day five, which is a week from Friday. More creative executions and unique tie-ins are planned for the board in the coming year. It's an interesting media choice. More than 1 million vehicles per month use the Midtown Tunnel, and getting people to think about retirement probably isn't that difficult after a tough commute by car into the city. After the jump, more mock-up images of what the board will look like.