After 30 Years, Harley’s Heritage Softail Is Still the Most Distinctive American Motorcycle

In 1981, business wasn't looking so great at Harley-Davidson. The company's bikes—legendary as they were—had been struggling to climb from an industry-wide slump created by Japanese makers flooding the market with cheap brands.

This Agency Shuts Down for One Day Every Year to Help Nonprofits

All agencies dip their toes in pro-bono work—looking to lend creative ideas and solutions to nonprofits and give back to the community. One agency has gone so far as to suspend client work across its nine offices for a full day in order to help nonprofits across the world.

With the Threat of an Ad Ban Looming, Pharma Is Fighting to Repair Its Reputation

When ex-Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli smirked his way through congressional testimony in February, refusing to answer questions about how his former company increased prices for Daraprim, a drug used to treat cancer and AIDS, by 5,000 percent, it (understandably) stoked Washington's and the general public's ire against the pharmaceutical industry.

Should Bud Bring Its Puppy Back to Another Super Bowl, or Is It Time for Something New?

Should Budweiser's lovable Labrador pup—whose appearances topped the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter the past two years—return to the big game for CBS' Feb. 7 telecast? Co-founder Joins Prophet

Chan Suh, the co-founder of, has joined brand and marketing strategy consultants Prophet as a senior partner in the newly-created role of chief digital officer. 

How London Fog Lost Its Mad Men Cool

There’s a memorable moment in episode 512 of Mad Men in which Don Draper tells a bunch of stone-faced executives from Dow Chemical how he grabbed near-total market share for one of his clients. “We had London Fog raincoats,” he says.