Flo? Whoa! Progressive’s Icon Swaps Her Apron for Attitude in Motorcycle Insurance Ads

Like a true nature's child, Flo was born to be wild. Or something.Progressive's iconic ad character, played by Stephanie Courtney, revs up the va-va-vroom in this tongue-in-cheek motorcycle-themed print campaign created by Arnold Worldwide with Buffalo Art Co. and custom bike builder Chase Stopnik. (The work marks another departure for Flo from her familiar white-and-blue aproned commercial appearances, following her ectoplasmic turn in spots touting the insurer's sponsorship of the Ghostbusters reboot.)Now, Flo goes the sexy/rebel biker-chick route—which, of course, yields some high-octane kitsch, as she poses on custom-built "Chrome Thrones" made from motorcycle parts designed to represent different rigs.

10 Things People on Google Are Just Dying to Know About Advertising

When you've been immersed in advertising a good long while, it can sometimes be helpful to take a step back and look at it through normal human eyes.Or at least through Google search suggestions.On a lark, I decided to punch in a pretty wide range of question starters about the ad industry. Here are a few of my favorites:

5 Tips From Progressive’s CMO on Building a Brand That Cuts Through the Clutter

In a competitive, jam-packed category like insurance, it can be difficult to reach consumers in an interesting and relevant way. Over the years, Progressive has managed to portray itself as a fun, likeable brand by creating a relatable character that's stood the test of time. So how did the brand break through all the noise? 

Here’s Why New York Comic Con Has Become a Must-Attend Event for Brands

New York Comic Con wants to shed its "little brother" status.

Marketers Find Success on Instagram as Consumers Spend More Time on Mobile

For marketers, Instagram has proved to be an ally. The platform allows them to quickly track how their campaigns are doing and learn from what's working and what isn't. And with 400 million monthly users, some brands are even launching new products there.

Marshawn Lynch Finally Talks … in Funny, Weird Ads for Skittles and Progressive

Those who follow the saga of Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch's media interviews know he is notoriously a man of few words.

Brand of the Day: LeBron James Was Flo for Halloween, as Progressive Makes Them BFFs

Yes, LeBron James dressed up as Progressive's spokeswoman Flo for Halloween, but this isn't just a quick stunt. Nope.

New Technology Allows Brands to Bypass Agencies

Progressive is in a digital insurance war, and its ad-buying strategy is its secret weapon.The insurance company has invested in systems on its own, bypassing agencies and working directly with ad tech firm Turn for programmatic buying and more recently for data management and measurement tools.

Progressive’s Flo Makes a Facebook ‘Look Back’ Video, and It’s Filled With Unicorns

Progressive spokeswoman Flo sat out the Super Bowl—"We're not trying to make the noise even noisier," the company's CMO, Jeff Charney, said late last week—but she's all over the whole Facebook Look Back thing.

Pam Hamlin Replaces LePlae as Global Chief of Arnold

That was fast. Eleven months after taking the reins of Arnold as CEO and 15 months after he joined the agency as global president, Robert LePlae is out.