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Two Women Prep for a Pitch (and Some Casual Sexism) in Secret’s Newest ‘Stress Test’

It's a new year! And Secret's "Stress Test" is back, this time with a scenario that's all too familiar for agencies, marketers and entrepreneurs. Two ads, directed by Gia Coppola at The Directors Bureau, feature Ash and Emma, whom we meet as they step into an elevator, preparing for a pitch. This plays out in a rapid-fire Q&A, laced with tension, determination and a clear expectation of some sexist pushback:

How Colgate, the Famous Minty Goop, Found Its Way Onto Your Toothbrush

Sometime around 1892, a Connecticut dentist named Washington Sheffield—who'd introduced toothpaste to America in 1850—received a letter from his son, Lucius.

Source Marketing’s Kersten Rivas on the Advantage of a Smaller Agency

  Photo: Alfred Maskeroni

This Social Marketing Firm Has Revolutionized How to Tweet Against the Competition

Specs Who Peter Friedman, chairman and CEO; Jenna Woodul, evp and chief community officer What Social marketing agency Where San Jose, Calif.

This Cincinnati Agency Doesn’t Shy Away From Traditional Work

Specs Who Matt Fischer (l.), president and chief creative officer; Greg Livingston, partner and chief development officer What Full-service agency Where Cincinnati

WPP Created One Big Digital Shop From 8 Smaller Ones

WPP Group, like most rival holding companies, is perfectly willing to acquire a big digital player like AKQA. But with Possible, WPP’s roll up of smaller digital shops, the parent is taking a different Lego-like approach, building a global network brick by brick.

When It Comes to Ads in Games, These Guys Aren’t Playing Around

Team Detroit is late. Reps from the WPP agency were supposed to arrive for their meeting with Electronic Arts at 2 p.m. on June 5, but the client, Ford Motor Co., seems to have its time zones mixed up. But it’s no problem—this is L.A., after all.