President Obama Calls for Finding Middle Ground Around Issues Pertaining to Apple-FBI Fight

President Barack Obama appeared at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin today and weighed in on the issues that are central to the ongoing fight between Apple and the FBI. The feds want the consumer brand to create a backdoor on its phones for the sake of investigations.

Fears About Innovation Will Impact 87% of Global Consumers’ Purchase Decisions

An extensive report about attitudes toward innovation suggests that global brands should think twice about taking consumers' privacy for granted—even in a big-data era in which consumers seemingly are giving up more personal information than ever.

Mad Men Is About People Working in an Office. Black Mirror Is About Advertising

To many, Mad Men is a show about advertising, but to those in the advertising business, we know it is really a period piece drama set in an agency. We know that it bears only a passing resemblance to what marketing is like in 2015.

5 Things You Need to Know About Facebook’s Updated Community Guidelines

Facebook has released a new, detailed outline of its Community Standards, explaining what the tech giant means when it says things like "no nudity" or "no hate speech." Facebook has enforced these standards a variety of ways over the years, but the social network says it mostly relies on its more th

Anonymous Apps Try to Curb Bad Behavior was well aware of the controversy surrounding anonymous app before purchasing it last month, according to its CEO Doug Leeds. Here, the exec, who now also oversees, talks about what the company is doing to make the app a safe environment for users and the app's plans for advertising. 

How Do You Brand Big Data?

Branding data is tough—and not just because many eyes glaze over when you start to talk about it. But in today’s media marketplace, it wouldn’t be wrong to think of the data world as a spreadsheety version of a gold rush, with everybody scurrying to stake their claim.

Sneaky Facebook Study on Users’ Emotions Draws Ire

If you use Facebook and found yourself momentarily feeling either better or worse in early 2012, an algorithm may have caused your shift in mood. And that's what has some social media users upset today.

The Most Threatening Thing to the Advertising World

Advertising is under attack in Washington on a number of fronts. It’s accused of making kids fat, taking away our privacy, even making it easier for the government to spy on us. 

Edward Snowden: Tech Giants Are Irresponsible With Consumer Data

Echoing sentiments expressed by Julian Assange at South by Southwest Interactive two days ago, exiled American whistle-blo

Privacy Groups Ask FTC to Halt Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp

A group of privacy organizations are calling for the Federal Trade Commission to investigate and halt Facebook's $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp.