These Data Visualizations Show How Facebook and Instagram Users Reacted to Prince’s Unexpected Death

The world has mourned Prince Rogers Nelson since the musical genius' shocking death on April 21.

Prince’s Death Has Completely Dominated Social Media, This Twitter Data Shows

Prince's tragic death on Thursday has kept Twitter buzzing for 24 hours, including some poorly executed tweets from brands.

Prince’s Most Inspirational Talent Was Mastering the Art of Surprise

What defines talent? Or lasting ideas? A legacy?Prince knew.From the beginning, he used surprise to his advantage.He surprised the experts in the recording studios with stunning ability on almost every instrument at a very young age.

Chevy’s ‘Little Red Corvette’ Tribute to Prince Is So Good, It’s Running in Print Too

Brand tributes to Prince following his death Thursday at age 57 have been hit or miss. But Chevrolet's Corvette tribute was among the best—a lovely minimalist message from a brand that the singer himself helped to immortalize with the famous song from 1982. We saw Corvette's tribute on Twitter. But it turns out it's also running in newspapers today, too. And you know, newspaper ads are still the more "official" venue for this kind of thing.

Brands Post Tributes to Prince, but Struggle to Make Them Heartfelt and Not Promotional

It's a tragic day, as one of the most gifted musicians of the modern era has passed.Despite his moniker, Prince, who died Thursday at 57, was a king among men and will live on only through memory and the hours of powerful and provocative music he left behind.Brands, as they usually do, tried to join the conversation about Prince online with mostly purple-clad homages. That's challenging in the best of times—and doubly hard when the conversation is mostly one giant outpouring of grief. Not every brand managed it well. As of this writing, at least two brands have had second thoughts about their posts and deleted them outright. Many others remain up, though some are clearly in questionable taste—mostly because they feel overly self-promotional. 

Prince Was a Tech Innovator Who Didn’t Always Get Credit for His Early Commitment to Digital

In 1997, Prince, who died today at 57, sold a three-CD set called Crystal Ball directly on the internet, making him one of the first major pop stars to embrace e-commerce. The only other way you could get the discs was by calling 1-800-New-Funk.

MTV Turns Its Logo Purple to Honor Prince’s Life and Career

As the music industry, and millions of fans, are reeling from the shocking news that Prince died today at 57, MTV is airing music videos on three of its networks as part of a multiplatform tribute to the iconic singer-songwriter.

Inside Jonathan Adler’s Duplex, an Ever-Changing Creative Lab Packed With His Own Creations

On a few weekends each year, an arts and crafts fair sets up shop along University Place, a narrow, leafy street in New York's Greenwich Village that borders the apartment building where designer Jonathan Adler and his husband, the designer and author Simon Doonan, live.

Ratings ‘Falter’ as Super Bowl Disappoints

It may have been the least competitive Super Bowl in recent memory, but Fox’s coverage of last night’s Seahawks-Broncos blowout still appears to have delivered massive ratings.