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Here’s What Surprised Showtime After It Began Offering a Streaming Service

Two months after its launch, Showtime's streaming-only subscriber service has been eye-opening for the network.

Penny Dreadful Creator John Logan Explains Why He Loves Monsters

One of the most critically beloved new shows on cable, Showtime's Penny Dreadful is written start to finish by Skyfall and Hugo screenwriter John Logan and produced by Sam Mendes, with Eva Green, Timothy Dalton and Josh Hartnett in the leading roles.

Starz Tries Out Transmedia With Spartacus

Ahead of its final season of flagship show Spartacus, Starz is trying something new: a vast suite of second-screen applications called The Battle for Nuceria—social-media based mini-games, content starring the show's actors, and "missions" that take the player all over the show's ancient-world setting. But it's the show's final season.