This Clever Cannes Badge Hack Helps Young Creatives Show Off Their Best Work

CANNES, France—The back of a conference access pass is generally pretty worthless, except as a place for organizers to sell ads. But what if that space could be used to advertise yourself?

A First Date Proves to Be So Much More in This Touching Video for a Charity

First dates can be awkward, but this night-out scenario, created by agency DLV BBDO Milan for a charity in Portugal, might just leave you in tears.In a darkened restaurant, with a folksy version of "Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" playing softly, a woman tells her male dinner companion all about her life. "My house is just two blocks away," she says casually. "I live there with my two cats, and Bat, the dog." She continues, "He's called that because he's all black with pointy ears … Oh, and I'm a good dancer. When I was younger, I used to spend all my time dancing in my room on tiptoes. Shall we dance?"Watch the minute-long clip below before reading further:

Cider Brand Is Broadcasting a ‘Live GIF’ of a Guy Making the Same Movements for 24 Hours

Livestreaming brand stunts are getting more and more popular—one of our recent favorites being the Waitrose campaign from the U.K. that showed live feeds from the grocery chain's farms. Here's a more gimmicky one from Portugal that tries to combine livestreaming with GIFs—or rather, a live-action imitation of GIFs.

This Long-Copy Ad for Condoms Is a 1,000-Word, Single-Sentence Orgasm

Everyone loves a good long-copy print ad. And here's a clever one from FCB Lisbon for Harmony Condoms that stretches out the phrase "Oh my God" into an impressive 1,000-word sentence. The tagline: "Looong-lasting pleasure."

Ikea Brightens Up Little Corners of the World in These Fun Print Ads

Ikea nicely contrasts its colorful design sense with the drabness of the world at large in these print ads from TBWA in Portugal. Apparently, going with Ikea means you get a balcony in buildings that otherwise don't have any.

Smart Car Makes Crosswalks Safer (and More Fun) With Dancing ‘Don’t Walk’ Guy

How do you get people to stop for the "Don't walk" guy in the crosswalk? Make the "Don't walk" guy a little more interesting to look at.


Ads for indie film festivals are often quite brilliant. The movies are usually distinctive, so the advertising can be as well. Who can forget Geoffrey Rush as a potato peeler? Or John Malkovich getting all crabby at a cab driver's reaction to his latest film award. The Leo Burnett spot below for Portugal's IndieLisboa fits right into that great tradition. Screw Hollywood. Say yes to an indie movie instead.

LinkedIn Hits Big Milestone; Brands Could Flock Next

LinkedIn has surpassed 200 million users, the firm announced today, while breaking out where they live for the benefit of advertisers and curious tech watchers.