A Dirty Old Man Gets the Perfect Gift in Pornhub’s Weird, Uncomfortable Christmas Ad

Pornhub is the latest advertiser to feature a sad old man in its Christmas commercial—an oddly common theme this year. But instead of getting a telescope or faking his own death, what bring a smile to this old geezer's face is—spoiler alert—free pornography.

Pornhub Exposes the Different Porn-Watching Habits of Android vs. iPhone Users

Who is dirtier when it comes to porn watching: Android or iPhone users? Pornhub has the answer, which of course is, it depends on what you're into. But the porn site has crunched lots of data it's accumulated and offers various differences between the two groups in this amusingly innuendo-laced blog post.

Put in an Impossible Position, Subway Is Navigating It as Well as Possible, Experts Say

If your well-known spokesman ends up being convicted of a crime, the solution is easy: Fire him, and condemn his actions. But what's a brand to do when its best-known customer is tangled up in a child-porn investigation in which he hasn't been charged and could be anything from a suspect to an unwitting bystander?

This Agency Snuck a Testicular Cancer PSA Into the Adult Film Game of Balls (NSFW)

Adult movies have suddenly become the hot place to put cancer PSAs. M&C Saatchi in Sydney worked with adult film studio Digital Playground and the Nonprofit Blue Ball Foundation to place an unexpected testicular-cancer PSA inside Game of Balls, an X-rated Game of Thrones parody, last month.

Twitter Scrambles for an Ad Fix as Nielsen’s Promoted Tweets Show Up in Porn Feeds

Twitter has a porn problem, and it caused one brand to temporarily halt a campaign today. Nielsen, the television and digital data company, pulled the plug on its Promoted Tweets after they appeared near adult content on the site. 

This X-Rated Snapchat Account Disappeared After Exposing the Wild Side of College Life

Snapchat's gone wild. College kids have turned one of the app's most popular features—My Story—into a crowdsourced stream of public debauchery.

Here Are the 15 Finalists in Pornhub’s Search for a Brilliant Non-Pornographic Ad

Those who have been waiting with bated breath for the results of Pornhub's SFW advertising contest were assuaged today with the unveiling of 15 finalists. And there's quite the smattering of innuendo and suggestion in this batch, featuring a few videos, some clever image and word plays, and some that almost literally spell it out. To those just tuning in, the site challenged the world to make G-rated, family-friendly ads for the site in March. And many of the entries gave us quite the chuckle. Check out the finalists below and vote on PornHub's SFW tumblr. Here's hoping this contest has a happy ending. Via Business Insider.

How a Food-Delivery Company Found Love by Advertising on Adult Websites

Here's your curious advertising case study of the day. Food-delivery app Eat24 has written a lengthy blog post detailing, from start to finish, why and how it went "where no marketing team has gone before. Well, at least not without clearing their browser history afterward." Eat24, which apparently had something of a following among porn stars already, decided to advertise on adult websites. Its rationale? Almost no mainstream brands want anything to do with the XXX world. And yet the traffic figures are through the roof, and the CPMs are low. What's not to like? Below are a few excerpts from the case study. Here's the whole thing. Via @hollybrocks.

Paris Agency Introduces, a Porn Site Devoted to Charity (NSFW)

What if being bad could do some good? That's the question asked by, which describes itself as "the first user-generated, nonprofit pornography site devoted to funding charitable and ethically driven projects." The site is being unveiled with help from the Paris office of TBWA agency Being, which crafted an explicit 90-second short film, "The Lover," introducing Come4's first charitable initiative—helping to fund the Asta Philpot Foundation, which is committed to raising public awareness about the sexual rights of disabled people. (Philpot, an American living in Britain, advocates the right to an active sexual life for people with disabilities, even if it means paying for sex.) Check out the NSFW Web film below, followed by more from about its philosophy and goals.

Adult-TV Ads Poke Fun at Absurdity of XXX Plots (SFW)

Doing ads for adult-television networks—not an easy job. You can't use the channel's content, for one thing. Yet Amour, an XXX station in Canada, consistently does amusing work. A couple of years ago, they did a funny series of promos (via Cossette) in which porn actresses attempted to read Shakespeare—with text that clarified, "You won't watch for the acting." Now, Amour is back, with a new agency—Dare Vancouver—and another humorous series of ads. This time, the spots (directed by Tim Godsall of OPC/Biscuit Filmworks, with editing by Arcade Edit) start off like porn scenes—but take hilarious left turns at the end, pointing out that real life is quite a bit more mundane than what happens on Amour. "Fantasies happen, but only on Amour adult TV," says each spot. Two more ads after the jump.