Budweiser’s Simple Facebook Cover Photo Contest Draws Buzz

Budweiser recently ran a contest that encouraged consumers to submit Instagram snapshots that could become the

Twitter and the Baby Clydesdale

Buddy is dominating. Clyde is a distant second. Barley and Hops are trailing the pack. But there's still plenty of time to name that foal.

Portrait: Poptip

Specs Who (clockwise, from left) Founder Kelsey Falter, product engineer Andrew Bonventre and engineers Joy Tao and Steve Kaliski What Social polling startup Where New York offices

Investors to Tongal, Convertro: Happy New Year!

The cash-happy investor days appear to have ended with the close of 2012, so tech startups of every stripe are currently pressing the flesh and locking down lunches with people of means before funds dry up.

5 TechStars Startups the Ad World Should Know About

Venture accelerator TechStars NYC hosted a demo day for its spring 2012 class of startups on Thursday (June 14) morning.