Supreme Court Says Pom Can Sue Coca-Cola Over Juice Label

The Supreme Court has given Pom Wonderful the go-ahead to sue Coca-Cola in a case expected to have significant ramifications for the food and beverage industry, in terms of how foods are named and labeled.

Pom Wonderful Wrote This Inspired Letter to John Oliver After He Called It ‘Dog Juice’

John Oliver clearly wasn't out to make marketing friends when his show Last Week Tonight debuted on HBO last month.

Why Food and Beverage Advertisers Should Be Worried About Pom v. Coca-Cola

The Supreme Court will hear arguments on Monday on a case that could significantly change the legal landscape for what name food makers give their products and how they market the product on the food label.

POM Shot Down Again by FTC

POM Wonderful just got some not-so-wonderful news. The maker of pomegranate juice and supplements once again has been slapped down by the Federal Trade Commission for deceptively advertising that POM products were clinically proven to treat, prevent or reduce the risk of heart disease, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.

Spurlock Takes on Branded Content

“Super Size Me” may have triggered interest among marketers in Morgan Spurlock’s latest film—“Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”—but it also scared plenty away.

Nesting birds protect POM suicide billboard

In yet another example of nature defeating man, a POM juice billboard in Boston that came under fire for supposedly trivializing suicide now can't be taken down because a hawk […]