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Donald Trump’s Personal Money Probably Won’t Help Political Ad Spending

Is Donald Trump's cash flow too little, too late? GIF: Yuliya Kim; Source: Getty Images

Donald Trump’s Lack of Ad Spending Is Leaving a Hole In Local Media’s Pocket

The presidential debates provided plenty of free airtime.Gif: Dianna McDougall; Sources: CNN, Shutterstock

10 Iconic Presidential Campaign Ads That Changed Political Advertising

Presidential campaigns have a history of producing memorable television ads that have helped sway public opinion and win elections. But many of the old rules of campaigning have been broken […]

Clinton Campaign Recreates 1964 ‘Confessions of a Republican’ Ad for the Trump Era

Digital publisher Quartz and others recently brought attention to a 1964 political ad that seemed especially prescient as Donald Trump began to close in on the GOP presidential nomination.

This 50-Year-Old Campaign Ad Has Suddenly Gone Viral as the Perfect Pitch Against Trump

A Republican Party divided. A high-profile candidate known for his extreme statements and hawkish saber-rattling. Sound familiar?  That was the case in 1964 with ultra-conservative GOP candidate Barry Goldwater, just as it is today with Republican front-runner Donald Trump.  Five decades ago, President Lyndon Johnson's campaign famously created the "Daisy" ad to highlight Goldwater's willingness to use nuclear weapons in conflicts like Vietnam.  But Trump's opponents are now flocking to another, lesser-known LBJ ad called "Confessions of a Republican," which features an actor expressing the conflicted feelings that many Republicans had at the time. 

Who’s Winning the Ad Battle Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? Experts Weigh In


Bernie Sanders’ Stirring New Campaign Ad Is Set Solely to the Tune of Paul Simon’s ‘America’

Often, the worst part of political ads is having to listen to them. Between the ominous muckraking about an opponent's past and the stilted rhetoric of sound bites from the stump, it quickly becomes an auditory annoyance throughout election season.

This Creepy Ad Brings an Old Political Tactic to Twitter After Iran Deal

The Iran nuclear deal is a top trend on Twitter today, and so was "Death to America," at least for a brief time this morning. The historic deal between longtime enemies has been the talk of social media all day.

Senate Candidate’s Chief Qualification: ‘I Grew Up Castrating Hogs’

Whatever your politics, it's hard not to like a congressional candidate who opens her campaign ad with the line, "I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm."

Clay Aiken’s Campaign Ad Is Personal, Political and Nearly Perfect

It's hard to say what we were expecting from reality TV star Clay Aiken's first campaign ad in his congressional campaign, but this certainly isn't it.