PlayStation 4

The 10 Most Memorable New Products of 2014

Social media has changed the way people learn and remember new products, as Facebook now ranks just behind television commercials as the most popular way consumers discover new products, according […]

Walmart Amends Price Matching Policy After Cheap PS4 Debacle

For those looking to score a cheap PlayStation 4 at Walmart by using the devious tactic of showing a false Amazon listing for an underpriced console, the gig is up. The retailer said Wednesday that it is limiting its generous Walmart Ad Match Guarantee to just selected retailers, none of which include marketplace vendors, third-party sellers, membership sites or auction sites.

Amazon Hoax Coupled With Walmart’s Price Matching Leads to Ridiculously Cheap PS4s

Update: Due to this tactic, Walmart has amended its policy to only match prices from and 30 selected retailers. Prices from third-party vendors, marketplace sellers, membership-only retailers and auction sites will not be honored.

Snapchat Video Chat Is Already on Brands’ Agendas

It was only yesterday that Snapchat introduced video chat, but millennial-minded brands are already drawing up plans to use it.

PlayStation 4 Shoots for a Holiday Blowout to Meet Sales Targets

Sony will need a killer holiday season to meet its ambitious target of selling 5 million of its newly released PlayStation 4 consoles by March.

PlayStation Will Remake ‘Perfect Day’ TV Spot With Footage From Gamers

Sony's PlayStation 4 is reportedly off to a quick sales start less than a week on the market, and this week the gaming brand is debuting a cool user-generated interactive initiative intended to keep the momentum going.

Sony and Facebook Are Making PlayStation More Social

Sony's PlayStation 4 became available at midnight.