Ad of the Day: Craving Mr. Peanut? Planters’ Animated Mascot Returns, With an Attitude

Planters' iconic mascot is getting to be a real nut-buster these days.

Infographic: How Millennial Moms Shop to Fill Their Kids’ Lunch Boxes

Kraft Mozzarella String cheese, Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts and SkinnyPop Popcorn in your lunchbox?Makes going back to school sound delightfully sweet (and salty)!

Yahoo Teams With comScore to Provide Real-Time Metrics

Marketers will be able to use comScore vCE metrics to see how their campaigns are faring across Yahoo's ad networks, the companies revealed Mon

Mr. Peanut, Motivational Speaker, Wants You to Respect the Nuts

Planters has reinvented Mr. Peanut yet again, this time as a motivational speaker—voiced by Bill Hader, no less—who seems strangely obsessed with the magical power of his nuts. Each video spot in the campaign from ad agency Being mentions the product's protein and essential nutrients (I guess sodium is a nutrient now) while also shelling out Tony Robbins cultspeak and a fair share of innuendo. ("I'm going to show you how to put it inside you," Mr. Peanut promises in one clip, while in another, a young woman describes her dream man as "a guy who has a torque wrench in one hand and a bag of nuts in the other." A few more hip thrusts, and he'd be infringing on Tom Cruise's "Respect the Cock" shtick from Magnolia.) While the ads are hit or miss, their balance of practical product information and pseudo-enlightened gibberish is really impressive. And I'm most impressed that no actual motivational speaker had a trademark on “Successtimonials." More clips after the jump.

Mr. Peanut Gets Manly After Mixing It Up With ‘Men’s Health’

Cue the teenage humor: Planters Nuts has created a new ad touting its snack mix, co-branded with Men's Health magazine, as "the manliest mix we've ever assembled." It's an amusing extension of Planter's cinematically themed cartoon characters, introducing a crack team of anthropomorphized nuts through a mock trailer that strings together the most over-the-t

Ad of the Day: Planters

Mr. Peanut, voiced of late by Robert Downey Jr., is apparently too much of a wuss to do his own stunts. So, Planters has brought in a new character, Doug, voiced by the more macho Kevin Dillon (aka, Johnny "Drama" Chase on HBO's Entourage), to be Mr. Peanut's stunt double.

Robert Downey Jr. gets nutty as Mr. Peanut

Robert Downey Jr. continues to get more work than you can shake a Victorian cane at, this time providing the first-ever voice of Mr. Peanut in the new Planters spot […]