PJ Pereira

Maleficent Director Says Users Connect to Characters, Not Devices

As more brands turn to content to engage consumers, the line between traditional and branded forms of entertainment—articles, songs or even feature-length films—gets blurrier by the day. At the same time, the emergence of branded entertainment as a principal method of engagement has raised important questions about the relationship between creativity and advertising.

What 27 Years of Kung Fu Taught PJ Pereira About Good Marketing Strategy [Video]

Agencies love to spend weeks or even months creating a strategy for each marketing campaign, but does this approach still work in a real-time world where consumer reactions and unexpected events can foil the best-laid plans in an instant?

The Story Behind One of the Most Beautiful Real Moments in Advertising

CANNES, France—"Reality, most of the time, sucks."So says PJ Pereira, who just happens to have created one of the most powerful reality-based ads in advertising history—one being widely honored and adored at this year's Cannes Lions.

Cannes Memories and Predictions From 10 of the World’s Top Creatives

• David Lubars Worldwide chief creative officer, North American chairman, BBDO