Domino’s Pizza Survives Drone Delivery With Only Minor Damage to the Cheese

If you want the best pizza, you're not going to order Domino's. But if you want your pizza delivered in the most innovative way, well, Domino's may have that market cornered.The chain took four years to modify a car to become the perfect delivery vehicle. And now it is testing drone delivery in New Zealand. And by all accounts, the first drone test went well, with the pizza landing gently and without major damage—save for a little cheese stuck to the top of the box. (Domino's did something similar in the U.K. way back in 2013, but that was when commercial drone delivery was years away from approval. We're much closer now.) 

SiriusXM Created a Restaurant Called Dick’s Pizza Just to Make Tons and Tons of Penis Jokes

"Nothing livens up a party quite like a big serving of Dick's."At least that's the promise of Dick's Pizza, an unfortunately named and even more unfortunately fictional restaurant created by agency Taxi Toronto for internet radio service SiriusXM.It almost feels like the brief for this viral play was, "How many penile jokes can you make in one minute?" And the answer is "a great many," because the resulting ad is bulging with innuendo:

Why This Agency Opened a Chain of Fast-Casual Pizza Restaurants

From Chipotle to Shake Shack, millennials and Wall Streeters alike love a good fast-casual chain. So when Boston agency Breakaway had the opportunity to invest in and build its own chain of fast-casual pizza shops from the ground up, it couldn't say no. 

How the Build-Your-Own Meal Craze Is Reshaping Restaurants

As fast-food giants like McDonald's struggle to get their sizzle back, fast-casual restaurants like Chipotle and Shake Shack have flourished.

It Looks Like Pizza Hut in Japan Is Now Totally Being Run by Cats

If there are two things that go together on the Internet like cats and pizza—it's cats and friggin' pizza! The latest treat from Japan is a website announcing the grand opening of Pizza Cat!, a Pizza Hut restaurant apparently run entirely by cats. The campaign is rolling out as tiny "episodes" of each "employee" cat doing jobs like delivering pizzas, cleaning the floors and managing the money. The results are pretty hilarious, bordering on totally absurd. We're not quite sure of the actual point of it all, but according to the translation of the YouTube page, "Pizza Cat! Store is a fictional store." Shocking, I know, but it's great anyway. Check out the official Pizza Cats! grand opening announcement, followed by the many episodes of feline frivolity.

Domino’s Wants to Roll Out This Gyroscopic Pizza Delivery System Worldwide

Here's a solution to a problem you rarely think about but might occasionally fall victim to.Domino's Pizza in Brazil is so intent on convincing you that it will deliver you a pizza instead of a deformed pile of cheese and sauce that it has created an elaborate, pizza-stabilizing device to be mounted on the back of delivery motorcycles.Created by agency Artplan, the device consists of a platform on two hemispheres that pivot to compensate for any tilting caused by turning, riding on a hill or hitting a speed bump. The cube holding the device glows at night, probably to strengthen the illusion that Domino's is carrying around something important as opposed to just a lazy man's dinner.This technique reportedly will be expanded to roughly 10,000 Domino's locations worldwide, meaning that soon, you too may be able to gawk at one in real life. Makes you wonder how we've gotten by without this revolutionary discovery.

Billboard Made With Rabbits Advertises a Pizza Made With Rabbit

It's just like your mom always said: When life gives you a plague of rabbits, make a rabbit-pelt billboard. 

Hulu’s Revenue to Pass $1 Billion This Year

Hulu has had a solid year: the multiple-broadcaster joint venture is on track to break $1 billion in revenue for its owners this year, thanks in large part to the strength of subscription revenue and deep ad partnerships across its series, some of which are greenlit on the c