Pizza Hut

Can Pizza Hut Outdo Itself With These Sitcom-Style Ads From Viacom?

Maladjusted millennial braggarts choose Pizza Hut. Let's all go there today!Running on Viacom's cable-TV networks, this goofy campaign for the restaurant chain targets young adults, presenting folks who get their kicks by outdoing one another in various situations. The ads were created in-house by content unit Viacom Velocity and amplify the line, "No one out-pizzas the Hut," introduced last year in ads from Droga5."When we can get people to laugh, and often laugh at themselves, it really resonates," Ken Saji, creative director at Viacom Velocity, tells AdFreak. "And instead of doing one-off spots, we wanted to create a franchise—almost like a sitcom series—that all of the creative could live under."

Ad of the Day: Oddball ‘Bragspeople’ Sing Pizza Hut’s Praises in First Ads From Droga5

Pizza Hut has a lot to brag about, but it's way too humble to do so. So, the pizza chain is having some surprising characters do the bragging for them. 

Solve These 3 Brutal Math Problems for Pi Day, and Win 3.14 Years of Free Pizza Hut Food

Real-time marketing around random holidays is usually a snoozefest. But Pizza Hut is going all in for Pi Day, honoring the famed irrational number by running an intriguing contest.It got a well-known "genius" mathematician, John H. Conway of Princeton University, to come up with three difficult math problems. They hit the Web at 8 a.m. this morning on the Pizza Hut blog. The first person to post the correct answers in the comments section of the blog post will win 3.14 years of free Pizza Hut food.

How Pizza Hut Ended Up in The People v. O.J. Simpson

The Ford Bronco was front and center during last night's episode of FX's hit miniseries, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, which covered Simpson's efforts to flee authorities in pal Al Cowlings' Bronco, setting off what became the most-watched police chase in U.S. history.

Pizza Hut Just Unveiled a Clothing Line Called Hut Swag. Yes, Hut Swag

Given that they can barely handle making the thing they're named after, it seems a little presumptuous for Pizza Hut to sell branded clothing ... but they're doing it anyway. 

Pizza Hut Just Made a Cinemagraph TV Ad, and It’s Oddly Hypnotic

We've written a lot about cinemagraphs, those mostly still photos that are animated by a small amount of video, producing an image that in some ways is more captivating that either photo or video alone. Now, cinemagraph software company Flixel has produced what it says is the first cinemagraph TV commercial—a Pizza Hut spot that's been airing on truTV's Billy on the Street, featuring comedian Billy Eichner.

This Chicago Agency Creates Playful Campaigns for Major Brands

Specs Who (L. to r.) CEO Tom O'Keefe, CCO Matt Reinhard and president Nick Paul What Full-service ad agency Where Chicago

Drones Are Flying High With Buzzy Brands Like Pizza Hut and Nike

Watching drones in action during commercial shoots tends to bring out the kid in Kevin Buth, creative director of ad agency Zambezi.

Pizza Hut Surprises Families With Truly Crazy Holiday Deliveries of Its Triple Treat Box

Order a pizza, get a flash mob. And a brass band, drum solo and pyrotechnics display.Pizza Hut, on a relentless tear to promote its limited-time holiday-themed Triple Treat Box, busted out the good cheer on some unsuspecting folks in Orem, Utah, recently. When residents answered the door for their double-pizza-breadsticks-and-giant-cookie combo, the deliverer serenaded them with an operatic version of Silent Night.

David Timm Named U.S. CMO of Pizza Hut

Yum! Brands has named one of its veteran executives to fill Pizza Hut's vacant U.S. chief marketing officer slot. David Timm will move from KFC to fill the post, the client confirmed today.Timm served as CMO of the U.K. and Ireland operation of Yum's KFC restaurant chain. His successor in that job has not been named.