How to Be Unstoppable: Inside the Creative Mind of Mindy Kaling

Earlier this year, in her well-received Super Bowl ad for Nationwide, Mindy Kaling thought she might be invisible. Hardly. As one of Hollywood's major creative forces, she's never been more prolific.

Disney’s Frozen Coming to Messaging Apps in Sticker Form

Disney's Frozen is coming to messaging apps in sticker form. The animated blockbuster has been merchandised, advertised, digitized—and now there's a licensing deal to bring the characters to apps like BlackBerry Messenger and Kik.

Disney Acquires Maker Studios

Disney has acquired Maker Studios, the digital video network that distributes such strange hits as PewDiePie and Shay Carl (the work of co-founder Shay Carl Butler), as well as a series of fashion-related shows for women, and even syndicates old-school cartoons for kids under its Cartoonium imprint.

Google Turns Andrew Stanton’s TED Talk Into an Inspiring Oscars Ad

Those who stayed up to the (figuratively) bitter end of Sunday's Academy Awards telecast were treated to one of the strongest ads of the night—this one-minute spot from Google celebrating storytelling.The spot was all about young filmmakers learning the craft, but it was narrated by a master of the form—Pixar's Andrew Stanton, who knows a little something about stories, having written all three Toy Story movies, as well as Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, WALL-E and John Carter. Yep. That was me on the Google ad. #TEDTalks — andrew stanton (@andrewstanton) March 3, 2014The voiceover came directly from bits and pieces of Stanton's 2012 TED talk (the more inspirational parts, that is, not the parts about people having sex with livestock).The version of the spot on the Oscars broadcast actually had brief footage of Stanton accepting one of his Oscars. The online version omits that part.Stanton tweeted about his cameo in the ad. And yes, he retweeted the Ellen selfie.

The Silicon Kingdom: Disney Invests in Tech Startup Program

Disneyland could be the next Silicon Valley with its new program to jumpstart tech companies. Disney is getting into the accelerator business, sprinkling investments like pixie dust on a select group of startups.The company announced its Disney accelerator program today in Los Angeles. Techstars, a prominent force in early-stage investing, is a partner in the Disney program.

Pixar Spoofs College Recruitment Ads for Monsters University

This is delightful: a campaign by Pixar for its upcoming film Monsters University that spoofs those wonderfully cheesy college-recruitment ads that air during NCAA sporting events.

Cheesy car-dealer spot slyly pitches ‘Cars 2’

This "Sale-A-Bration" spot for Cars 'N Deals of Emeryville is supposedly not an ad for a used-car dealer but a brilliant viral promo for Disney-Pixar's upcoming Cars 2, featuring various […]

Aflac’s quacker stars in his 50th commercial

If you're an action figure who suffers sadistic abuse from kids, Aflac can keep you from ending up on the Island of Misfit Toys. The new animated spot below, a […]

‘Toy Story 3’ bear gets fake ’80s commercial

Pixar has made the jarringly accurate fake commercial below, purportedly from 1983, for Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear, one of the toys that appears in the upcoming Toy Story 3. The attention to […]

Pixar lamp’s future suddenly not very bright

The Pixar lamp faces criminal charges for squashing the "I" to death in this amusing parody of the animation company's well-known intro video. Includes vomiting and a nasty electric-chair scene. […]