SNL’s Dunkin’ Donuts Spoof Underscores Facebook’s Lingering Problem With Piracy

Saturday Night Live has become notorious in recent years for its spoofs of brands that are often almost too realistic.

The 5 Most Embarrassing Revelations From Sony’s Sprawling Hack

The true scope of a massive hacking attack against Sony Pictures remains unknown, but one thing is clear: Each new revelation seems to dig the studio only deeper into a public relations sinkhole.

Who Should Be Blamed for Facilitating Online Piracy?

Are search engines really to blame for facilitating pirated movies and other media?The debate began anew this morning with data generated by piracydata.org, a new website from the Mercatus Center, which points a finger at content distributors for not giving fans legal online options.

Is Google Doing Enough to Combat Web Piracy?

Search engines, especially Google, are likely to feel the heat later today when a House subcommittee holds a hearing reviewing the voluntary efforts by the Internet ecosystem to combat Internet piracy.

Google Positions Itself as a Leader in Fighting Web Piracy

Google is going all-out to change any perception that it is soft on copyright infringement. In a new 25-page report released Tuesday, Google took great pains to describe its anti-piracy solutions and provide statistics quantifying its results.

This Man Protects Marketers From Bogus Websites

Dan Peak’s company may well be the Seal Team Six in the war against rogue websites. His company, Veri-Site, boasts 10 years of experience hunting down Internet money launderers and other financial criminals.

Hoodwinked by Hollywood, Tech Lobby Study Suggests

The two controversial piracy bills in Congress may be temporarily on hold, but that doesn't mean the fight is over. Far from it.

ISPs Agree to Scold Users Suspected of Copyright Violations

Illegal downloaders could see their Net access slowed, according to a new anti-piracy initiative implemented by Internet service providers at the behest of large copyright owners in the entertaiment industry.

Gilbert Gottfried quacks about music piracy

Victory Records, which was putting terrible hardcore bands into FYE bargain bins when I was in high school, have brought in Gilbert Gottfried to explain why people shouldn't pirate music. […]

Canada vows to clone thieving downloaders

This oddball Canadian PSA from ValueArtists.com stretches a metaphor by using clones to illustrate its anti-piracy plea. In this case, the clone is a doctor, so patients can expect two […]