The Most Engaging Brand Content of 2016, Month by Month

In 2015, there was a marked increase in the popularity of brand videos on YouTube. In 2016, brands took social video storytelling to another level, not only on YouTube, but […]

How the Pillsbury Doughboy Has Stayed Fresh (Hoo Hoo!) for 50 Years

Rudolph Perz first saw the dough boy in his own kitchen. It was 1965.

Melissa Etheridge on Her Evolving Relationship With Marketing and Technology

With almost 30 years of constant creative output and touring, Melissa Etheridge has come to appreciate what technology and thoughtful marketing can do to amplify her voice and connect her to fans.

McCann Gets Pillsbury Business [UPDATED]

In a roster shop move, General Mills has hired McCann Erickson to work on its Pillsbury brand, which Saatchi & Saatchi has handled since 2003.

Twitter’s Datalogix Deal Mirrors Facebook’s Bid for More CPG Dollars

Even though Twitter reps claim that consumer-packaged goods firms like Kraft and Unilever are already plenty active on their ads platform, a new agreement with Datalogix holds the promise that such noodle and soap sellers will have a better metrics-based premise to throw dollars at

General Mills Ramps Up Social for 37 Brands

General Mills and Spredfast are announcing today that the consumer packaged goods giant has implemented the tech vendor's newly upgraded system to manage content publishing and consumer engagement across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedI

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Pillsbury Doughboy Gigglingly Crashes Geico Ad

Hey, the Pillsbury Doughboy appears in The Martin Agency's latest "Happier Than … " commercial for Geico. I thought he'd done so a while back, but it turns out that was Eddie Money. Eddie's tunes are so poppin' fresh. In the new spot, the Doughboy giggles his way through an airport security check, illustrating that people who save money by switching to Geico are "Happier than the Pillsbury Doughboy on his way to a baking convention." It's a better commercial crossover than most—less strained, for example, than Mr. Clean and the Target bull's-eye pooch shilling for Xerox. Too bad Geico's gecko wasn't on hand to fight Doughboy to the death to determine which ad mascot is best. I guess that's something I'll only enjoy in dreams. Go on, smack him, gecko … bite his doughy ass!

CNBC’s ‘Titans’ Pays Homage to Leo Burnett

Cable business channel CNBC honored Leo Burnett Thursday evening, dedicating an hour-long episode of its Titans series to a portrait of the 20th century adman and the agency he founded.