This Small Startup Says Facebook Imitated Its Photo App Idea

Facebook’s new app isn’t a Snapchat clone; it’s more of a Look-alike. The core feature of Facebook’s Slingshot—the requirement to reply to unlock a photo—already appears on an iPhone app called Look.

Photo and Video Sharers Are More Likely to Be Young and Female

Does it seem like your social feeds are jammed with your friends’ latest baby video or vacation pictures? Helped by Snapchat and Instagram, image-sharing has increased significantly in the past year, with more than half of Internet users now posting their own pictures and videos online, a new Pew Internet Project report reveals.

Instagram Shares the Look of Its New Ad Products

Instagram is showing off its new sponsored look.

Loads of Companies Are Violating Children’s Privacy

Children’s privacy is so sensitive that all it took for kids game Mobbles to pre-emptively pull its app last December was a complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission by a privacy group.