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Rupert Murdoch Resigns From News Corp. Boards

Rupert Murdoch resigned from a number of News Corp. boards—including his post as director of News International, the holding company for the newspapers at the center of the U.K.

Fast Chat: Grey London CEO Chris Hirst

The London office of Grey is central to Team News, the group of WPP agencies—including OgilvyOne and media unit M/Six—that last month won a pitch to handle all of News International’s marketing services

Rockefeller Seeks U.S. Connections to News Corp. Scandal

Senate Commerce Committee chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) is even more suspicious of News Corp. than he was last July when he called on U.S. authorities to investigate whether the media conglomerate broke any U.S.

James Murdoch Says Former News Corp. Executives Misled Parliament

James Murdoch has contradicted the testimony of two former News of the World executives who previously countered Murdoch’s own testimony that he did not know about the pervasiveness of phone hacking at the now-defunct newspaper.

Turmoil Engulfs News Corp. Meeting

“I think we’ve had enough questions,” Rupert Murdoch told News Corp. shareholders on Friday, less than an hour and a half into the company’s annual shareholder meeting at Fox Studios in Century City, Los Angeles. “I declare the meeting finished.”

Newly Published Letter Reveals Extent of News Corp. Hacking Cover-Up

The phone hacking scandal which has engulfed Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. had been relatively dormant over the past couple of weeks. But a letter revealed for the first time Tuesday is likely to blow the whole thing open again.

News Corp. Board to Murdoch Daughter: Step Off

The appointment of Rupert Murdoch's daughter Elisabeth to the News Corp. board is reportedly dead in the water.  The move to place Murdoch fille on the board had been expected to take place at today's board meeting in Los Angeles. But that maneuvering was dashed over the weekend in a bid to appeal to shareholders. 

Nick Davies Comes to America

As the reporter who’s been at the forefront in the investigation into phone hacking by News of the World, the Guardian’s Nick Davies has been a real thorn in Rupert Murdoch’s side. And now things might just get worse for the media mogul. Davies has come to the U.S. looking for evidence of similar malfeasance here.

How Bad Is News Corp.?

In my biography of Rupert Murdoch, I referred to News Corporation as Mafia-like, provoking the annoyance of my publisher’s libel lawyers. I explained to them that I did not mean to suggest this was an organized crime family, but instead was using “mafia” as a metaphor to imply that News Corp.

Member of Parliament Apologizes to CNN’s Morgan

Conservative MP Louise Mensch has apologized to CNN host Piers Morgan for accusing him of “boasting” about hacking phones while acting as editor of the Daily Mirror.