Where 12 Huge Brands’ Display Ads Are Dominating the Site [Updated]

AdClarity scanned the entire Internet during the last six months to find out where General Motors, McDonald's, Amazon, Best Buy, Wells Fargo and seven other brands were getting the biggest […]

Kate Upton Adds Some Sex Appeal to Golf Digest

Golf isn’t exactly the sexiest of sports. And unlike certain other sports titles, Golf Digest isn’t known for attempting to spice up its guy-dominated subject with attractive female cover models.

Twitter’s TV Ad Targeting Uses ‘Video Fingerprinting’

Twitter today announced a new program designed to help brands sync up television ads and Promoted Tweets through the use of a cutting-edge "video fingerprinting" t

Turner Sports and PGA Tour Digitally Part Ways

After six years, Turner Sports and the PGA Tour will move separate ways and end their digital partnership, effective at the end of the year. Both sides stressed that the partnership’s close is the result of separately evolving digital strategies and emphasized that the decision to conclude business was part of a collaborative process.