Peyton Manning

Eli Manning Is Itching to Banana Dance and Karaoke With You in DirecTV’s New Ads

Would you rather rescue Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo from a burning building, or save half a sandwich for the long ride home?Well, that probably depends on what kind of season Tony's having … and, frankly, on just how much you like your ham on rye."Romo vs. Sandwich" is just one absurd choice offered in Grey's amusing new ads that tout AT&T's DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket platform for fans who want to catch every out-of-market NFL game:

What Is Peyton Manning’s Post-NFL Career Going to Be Like?

Peyton Manning is calling it an NFL career."I fought the good fight. I have finished my football race. After 18 years, it is time," the defending Super Bowl champion quarterback said Monday.

Patriots Fan Parody Blames Deflategate, Refs, Illuminati for Ending Super Bowl Run

It's been a rough couple of days for fans of the New England Patriots.

Papa John’s Stands Behind Spokesman Peyton Manning Amid Doping Allegations

Papa John's pizza is the first of star quarterback Peyton Manning's sponsors to publicly throw support behind the Denver Broncos player after doping allegations surfaced last weekend.

Tiger Woods Earns 83 Times More Money Endorsing Things Than Playing Golf

The sprinter Usain Bolt has earned $15,000 in race winnings over the last year but $21 million in sponsorships. Nascar star Jimmie Johnson, on the other hand, pulled in $16.2 million in winnings but a mere $6.5 million in endorsements.

Papa John’s Goes Social for NFL Kickoff

In its biggest social media campaign to date, Papa John’s is teaming up with Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning to kick off the 2014 NFL season this week.

Ad of the Day: Peyton Manning and Cam Newton Prank Store Customers for Gatorade

Gatorade must think its customer base is too big, as the brand's new ad campaign from TBWA\Chiat\Day shows people in a convenience store being denied the sports beverage unless they're actively sweating.

DirecTV Strikes Gold Again With Manning Brothers Rap Sequel

Eli and Peyton Manning are back to rapping for DirecTV, and it's still pretty glorious.Last summer, the pro footballers and the satellite provider graced us with "Football on Your Phone." Now they're using song to hawk DirecTV's dedicated fantasy football channel as a dream come true in its own right.Like the first spot, "Fantasy Football Fantasy" leans hard into its own stupidity, delivering a 3-minute blitz that builds from a football filled with nachos to an auto-tuned Eli Manning floating in space, and includes cameos from Chris Johnson and Joe Namath. It's not dissimilar in spirit from Toyota's Swagger Wagon joke-rap work, which also made a recent comeback after a much longer hiatus. But the new DirecTV ad manages to be less cringeworthy, probably by being more insane.So, extra points to the broadcast brand's agency, Grey in New York, for not dropping the ball on the sequel.Full credits after the jump. 

CBS Lands Tony Gonzalez as NFL Today Analyst

CBS Sports is making some big moves at its signature pro football studio show, signing 10-time All-Pro tight end Tony Gonzalez as an NFL Today analyst.

Ratings ‘Falter’ as Super Bowl Disappoints

It may have been the least competitive Super Bowl in recent memory, but Fox’s coverage of last night’s Seahawks-Broncos blowout still appears to have delivered massive ratings.