Animal Planet and Pedigree Add VR and Branded Content to This Year’s Puppy Bowl

Animal Planet's mantra heading into the Puppy Bowl—its annual telecast featuring puppies playing football, held a few hours before the Super Bowl—is always, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Brand of the Day: Petco Picks the Year’s Cutest Pet Costume for Halloween

After poring over roughly 5,000 entries in the chain's third annual Halloween pet costume contest, Petco found a winner in a Yorkie named Jack. You see, Jack's owner June Harper created a Mork costume (of Mork & Mindy) in honor of the late Robin Williams. 

34 Places Where You Can Start Using Your iPhone to Buy Stuff

So Apple’s best lineup of gadgets is out and its next big business is ready for launch—Apple Pay. The mobile payments service launches Monday and today Apple revealed a list of retailers who will start accepting your iPhone as currency.

Guinness’ Wheelchair Basketball Ad Spun Circles Around Competitors in Q3

Guinness' "Friendship" was the most effective TV beer spot during the third quarter, according to Ace Metrix, which a

If You Love Animals, You’re Really Going to Love Petco’s New Commercial

There's two ways to go with animal ads: funny and poignant. Understandably, most choose the former—animals, after all, can be pretty damn funny. But the poignant ads, when done well, can get even more attention.

Adweek’s Top 10 Commercials of the Week

It’s Back to a Lead Agency Model for Petco

With Petco's hiring of Vitro, the retailer's on-again-off-again flirtation with the lead agency model is on again. Petco hired previous agency Draftfcb in 2010 to handle projects. The following year, the shop became lead agency, only to shift back to project work in early 2013.

Faced With New Challenges, Retailers Seek Out Agencies

If only it were just the tepid economy that was driving retailers to review their advertising accounts. Then, when the economy turned, so would the fortunes of JCPenney, Kmart, Staples and others.

Petco Reaches Out to Creative Agencies

Major U.S. pet care chain Petco is reviewing its advertising business, according to sources. The company, which has more than 1,100 stores nationwide, has contacted creative shops in recent weeks, sources said. The search is in its early stages.

Petco Refreshes Logo, Issues Warning to Unhealthy Pets

Petco said today that it's introducing an updated logo and tagline for the company and its 1,100 stores. You can see the transformation above (old on top, new below). They've done away with the chunky, '70s-smelling type in favor of the trendy and thinner all lowercase. And the cat and dog mascots have gotten a makeover, too—they look a little more anatomically correct, and Kitty's whiskers have been trimmed a bit (not something that's advisable at home). The new tagline adds a single word: "Where the pets go" becomes "Where the healthy pets go." Which is meant to suggest Petco cares about your pet's health but almost sounds like the opposite—that if your animal isn't in tip-top shape, he's S.O.L. and should go elsewhere. I'm sure there's a Petsmart down the block where he can drag his sad self if he's desperate. Official statement from Petco after the jump.