PETA Opened a High-End Leather Store, but Inside the Goods Was Something Horrible

Today in Horrible Things that Defy Imagining, Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok teamed up with PETA to give leather shoppers the fright of their lives. 

Today in PETA Promises: Steamier Sex, and Avoiding Accidental Death, When You Go Vegan

Feeling perhaps that their previous advertising efforts were too subtle, PETA's new "Last Longer" spot shows people having sex to highlight an upside to the vegan lifestyle: Avoiding various health risks that lead to erectile dysfunction. 

A Brief History of How Times Square Got So Naked

“Free your mind! Free your nipples!” yelled one woman. “I’m here to watch tits,” announced a man nearby. This was Sunday. The occasion: New York’s Topless Parade, a procession of […]

3 BBH Interns Created These Tiny Billboards Hoping to Make a Big Difference in the World

BBH New York's most recent crop of interns had a big task ahead of them this summer: create something famous. They also had a relatively miniscule $1,000 budget to bring the idea to life. 

PETA Cuts Open Miley Cyrus’ Little Sister for Ad Protesting Classroom Dissection

Miley isn't the only member of the Cyrus family with a knack for exposing herself. In fact, younger sister Noah takes things one step further by posing as a dissected corpse for a PETA ad protesting classroom animal dissection.

SeaWorld’s Larger Killer Whale Habitats Fail to Appease Animal Rights Advocates

It may end up being a drop in the ocean, but SeaWorld is countering the rising tide of bad publicity, plunging investor confidence and the loss of a key sponsor.

The 6 Greatest Spokescats in the History of Advertising

If anyone needed proof that catvertising has come into its own, it was the announcement earlier this summer that Grumpy Cat—the sour-faced feline who happens to have 6.3 million Facebook […]

PETA Wonders How You’d Feel If Your Hair Was Ripped Out Like an Angora Rabbit’s

Plucking Angora rabbits to use their fur in clothing is like waxing the hair off unwilling humans, says PETA's latest human-shaming ad.

Adweek’s Top 5 Commercials of the Week

Looking out at the holiday weekend, it's no wonder we're dreaming here at Adweek—as are some of the brands who served up our best commercials of the week. 

Ad of the Day: PETA and Morrissey Team Up in Powerful Plea for Veganism

At its worst, PETA can be preachy, hypocritical and gratingly annoying. But at its best, the animal welfare group is a savvy emotional storyteller that can make even the most voracious omnivore take a pause.