This Newspaper Turned Its Front and Back Pages Into an Anti-Violence Protest Sign

Have you ever heard what people say about Latinos? They're intense, passionate and "macho"—a quality that's often seen as protective. Obviously, these are stereotypes. Another side of the "Latin man" is that he can be sensitive and expressive. But embracing "machismo" for its good qualities, without examining the bad stuff, can have unpleasant cultural side effects—like controlling behavior, which can lead to femicide, not to mention relatively unpunished rape.  (Hey. Sounds familiar.) To show its support ahead of an Aug. 13 protest in Peru, Grupo el Comercio-owned newspaper Peru 21, one of the most popular papers in the country, tossed its cover pages into the ring. With help from McCann Lima, the paper converted its front and back pages into signs that protesters could grab off newsstands, flip open and carry in the streets. 

Ad of the Day: Visit Wongderland, a Fantasy World (and Toy Store) Fueled by Imagination

There's this book we read as kids called The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles. Whangdoodles change colors like mood rings, and grow a new pair of bedroom slippers on their hind legs every year.

McCann Gave Peru’s Poorest Children a Chance to Fly in This Adorable Airline Ad

A girl who dreams of singing in the clouds gets to do just that, on her very first airplane flight, in this Peruvian campaign from South American airline LAN and McCann Lima.  The company runs a corporate social responsibility program that gives economically disadvantaged children from remote parts of Peru free trips to Lima, the country's capital. Over five years, the campaign—titled "Kids That Dream, Kids That Fly"—has helped around 350 of the country's poorest kids to experience air travel for the first time. 

Ad of the Day: This Awesome Billboard Lets Tired Drivers Enjoy the Comforts of Home

We've seen lots of billboards over the years that want to provide some kind of utility, beyond just being a blight on the landscape. Here's the latest example f

FCB and UTEC’s Latest Green Innovation Is a Plant-Powered Lamp for Remote Peru

FCB Mayo and Peruvian engineering college UTEC—the folks behind award-winning ventures like the "Potable Water Generator," "Purifying Billboard" and "Air Orchard"—are back with what may well be their brightest idea yet.

This Mysterious, Black Print Ad Can Only Be Read by Shining a Light Behind It

SABMiller positions its Abraxas beer as an "equinoctial brew for the chosen few." It is made just twice a year, and is pitched as the beverage of choice for "restless minds who live to solve enigmas." Stay with us, here.

Happy Emails Have Cries for Help Hidden in the HTML in This Domestic Violence Campaign

In Peru, four women in 10 between the ages of 15 and 49 years old suffer from domestic violence, and only 40 percent of those actively seek help. To remind people that violence can hide in plain sight, women's defense organization DEMUS and Lowe Yaku produced a series of apparently anodyne and cheerful emails, which it sent to a number of users.

Brilliant YouTube Banner Ads in Peru Cover Subtitles to Promote English Lessons

Learning a new language is never easy, and for many Peruvians, it's a lot easier to just read the Spanish subtitles on their favorite U.S. movie trailers. Armed with that insight, language school Euroidiomas has been trolling these viewers with clever YouTube banner ads that covered subtitles on movie promos and urged them to sign up for English classes.

These Ads for Glass Bottles Are About as Hilarious as Ads for Glass Bottles Could Be

A world without glass would be pretty soulless. That's the main takeaway from these new TV ads that Doremus and sister shop DDB produced for O-I, the world's largest manufacturer of glass packaging (mostly bottles, but other packaging too). They're part of O-I's ongoing "Glass Is Life" campaign, which began three years ago with a business-to-business focus but now targets consumers. Doremus, a b-to-b specialist, is something of a glassvertising expert, too—having made the awesomely peculiar "Brokeface" campaign for Corning's Gorilla Glass NBT. But the agency doesn't have a presence in Latin America, so it turned to Omnicom Group sibling DDB Colombia for help, and together they've created five fun, memorable ads. The basic premise is that plastic and aluminum are no substitute for glass, whether you're toasting at a bar, serving up water to a bikini-clad babe or desperately trying to push an SOS message out to sea. The ads first appeared online and will extend to TV this week in Colombia and Peru.

Ad of the Day: The Year’s Sweetest Home Improvement Ad Will Brighten Your Day

The storytelling is exceptionally strong in "The Perfect Daughter," a Promart Homecenter spot by Fahrenheit DDB in Lima, Peru, that won a silver Lion in Film last week at Cannes.