Why Brands Like Coca-Cola and Bud Light Are Making Packaging Personal

Global marketers are taking a more personalized approach to reaching consumers. This year, several have tinkered with logos and packaging, adding names, words, teams or whatever the brand sees as […]

Neil deGrasse Tyson Reveals His Favorite Ad, and It’s a Perfect Choice

CANNES, France—There's no shortage of space-themed advertising out there. And not surprisingly, Neil deGrasse Tyson loves it.

Ogilvy Paris Takes Top Honor at Webby Awards

The Paris office of Ogilvy & Mather is top gun at this year's Webby Awards.

Perrier Invites You to a ‘Secret Place’ Where Sparkling Water Makes People Get Crazy

Perrier is the sexiest sparkling water you'll ever taste, says Perrier. It's so sexy, you'll find yourself transported to a secret party at an underground nightclub in Paris. There, you may participate in all of the activities commonly associated with drinking sexy sparkling water—namely, you may dance to the latest hip indie band, or play high-stakes poker with a bunch of cheating mean mugs in a back room, or witness a game of checkers in which the pieces are replaced with macarons (not macaroons). You may also accept a woman's invitation to cut off her dress with a pair of scissors, or peep in on a private lap dance being given to a man who can't see, or watch another woman tear off her dowdy skirt suit for the steamy bartender, because of course everybody is getting naked, because, duh, Perrier makes people get crazy. Nonsense aside, you really can do all of this. Or at least, your eyes can. Because Perrier and Ogilvy have graced you with Perrier Secret Place, a rabbit hole of an online choose-your-own-adventure game. In it, you'll bounce around the different viewpoints of attendees at the "party," as you go on a treasure hunt for the "golden woman" and "secret bottle." Find them, and you'll be entered to win some not-virtual and swank and off-the-chain party, somewhere like St. Tropez, or Rio during Carnival, or Miami Art Basel, or Ibiza. Why bother? Because presumably everybody there will be getting hammered on Perrier, and taking off their clothes, too. More clips and credits below.

Artisanal Advertising

In a nondescript laboratory, a stodgy scientist in a white coat fills a beaker with orange liquid. At the same time, a second beaker sitting untouched on a lab table fills up with an identical liquid—as if by magic.

Ad of the Day: Perrier

Still drinking plain old water to cool down on a hot summer's day? How bourgeois! This season's haute thirst quencher is Perrier, the French sparkling water that apparently has the power to stop a global heat wave—at least according to "The Drop," a new short film produced for the beverage company by Ogilvy & Mather in Paris.

Dita Von Teese cools off with help of Perrier

The core product benefit communicated in this Perrier spot is simple: Looks good poured over Dita Von Teese's heaving bosom. If you don't have a famous burlesque artist handy on […]

Perrier had that fake Sprite ad beat in 1976

With everyone from Perez Hilton to Ryan Seacrest (or at least their respective lackeys) getting worked up over that dimwittedly sexual and blatantly fake Sprite ad yesterday, it was nice […]