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Doritos Has Launched Limited-Time Rainbow Chips in Support of the LGBT Community

Now it's not just Skittles that wants you to taste the rainbow.  

Coca-Cola Wins Inaugural Brand Icon Award From the CLIOs

The Coca-Cola Company has won the inaugural Brand Icon Award—a new distinction from the CLIO Awards, the global competition for advertising, design and communications.

Frito-Lay Likes the Data From Doritos’ ‘Crash the Super Bowl’

Doritos’ decision to move its seventh annual "Crash the Super Bowl" campaign to Facebook proved to be a winner.

Pepsi Kicks Off Super Bowl Sunday Early

Pepsi Next is releasing a Super Bowl campaign video this morning and pushing it with YouTube and BuzzFeed ads to create buzz during a day when big-game chatter could seem like a wall of noise.

Fast Chat: PepsiCo’s Josh Karpf

Earlier this fall, PepsiCo unveiled a 12-week tech startups incubator program in red-hot Brazil, building on similar efforts by the beverage/snacks

Top 10 Digital Media Buyers (30 and Under)

Perhaps more than any other agency department, media is a place where young hustlers—go-for-broke buyers and planners who have grown up playing across digital platforms—can make a mark.