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Pepsi Next Videos Get ‘Sexy’ in English and Spanish

Pepsi Next is launching an English-Spanish online video campaign today featuring Univision star William Levy—who is playing six spoofy "bring sexy back" characters that repr

YouTube’s 10 Most-Watched Ads in February

February is traditionally the month when the vast majority of marketers stand down and let the Super Bowl advertisers battle it out for dominance in YouTube views. But this year, someone forgot to tell PlayStation.

Pepsi Punks Coke With Fake Look Inside ‘Coke Chase’ Spot

As Chris Heine mentions over here, Pepsi is having a busy Super Bowl Sunday already. And part of it involves a humorous dig at Coca-Cola, as Pepsi has posted a video purporting to show behind-the-scenes footage from Coke's Super Bowl set—with the actors working tirelessly to get a Pepsi Next out of a vending machine. Pepsi was blunt with its tweet linking to the video, too. Forget what happens at the end of #CokeChase, check out what happened behind the scenes: — Pepsi NEXT (@PepsiNEXT) February 3, 2013 The 60-second "Coke Chase" video will air during the first quarter of tonight's broadcast on CBS. It directs viewers to, where they can help determine the outcome of a race across a desert. Pepsi is expected to air two 30-second spots—one promoting its flagship soda and introducing the halftime show, starring Pepsi spokeswoman Beyoncé; and this one for Pepsi Next, which is tied to a major product giveaway. UPDATE: Coke has responded to the Pepsi video. See below. It's not quite a worthy counterpunch, but hey, nice quick turnaround. brightcove.createExperiences();

Pepsi Kicks Off Super Bowl Sunday Early

Pepsi Next is releasing a Super Bowl campaign video this morning and pushing it with YouTube and BuzzFeed ads to create buzz during a day when big-game chatter could seem like a wall of noise.

Top 10 Commercials of the Week

Back in my day, we had to walk barefoot to school in the snow, uphill both ways. Also, we had to wait until the Super Bowl to actually see the commercials.

Pepsi NEXT Refreshes the Taste Test With Web Parodies

Pepsi NEXT wants you to know it's savvy to the internets. It's already launched a TV ad featuring a break-dancing, guitar-shredding baby, created by TBWA\Chiat\Day in Los Angeles. Now, it's out with a cyberculture-fueled digital campaign from The Barbarian Group, featuring Web celebrities taste-testing the drink—as imagined by Funny or Die talent. The spoofs are pretty on the nose: Meme character Scumbag Steve wants to crash high school parties, wine salesman Gary Vaynerchuk is brutally enthusiastic, and BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti makes the case for branded content. Also among those parodied: comedians Rob Riggle, who also appears as himself, and Casey Wilson. Keep an eye on Pepsi's Facebook page for more celebrity clips over the next couple of weeks. Or, if you're feeling bold, sign up for a chance to get your own parody—Funny or Die actors will mock select Pepsi NEXT fans in improv clips based on profile information. Make sure you know how to laugh at yourself, though: If the brand's impersonation of singer songwriter "Laura L." is any indication, it won't be pulling punches. More videos after the jump.

Pepsi NEXT Is More Unbelievable Than Your Freaky, Superhuman Baby

Babies doing oddly grownup things is one of the great Internet memes of all time. It goes all the way back to the Dancing Baby of the mid-'90s—one of the first viral videos ever.