Peeps 2016! Candy Brand Campaigns to Kick Punxsutawney Phil to the Curb

Punxsutawney Phil makes his depressing prediction nearly every year: Keep the coats and snow shovels handy because there's likely to be at least six more weeks of winter. Isn't it time some other critter, one with a much sunnier outlook, became the harbinger of spring? 

This Agency Breathes New Life Into Iconic Brands

Specs Who Co-founders Sandy Greenberg (l.) and Terri Meyer What Full-service ad agency Where New York

Brand of the Day: Peeps Trains Its Eagle Eye on Christmas

Candy canes rule Christmas, M&Ms have a lock on Halloween, and for Easter there are Peeps. In fact, even if you don't observe Easter, chances are you know Peeps—the sugar-coated marshmallow dollops intended to resemble baby chicks. The leading treat of the Just Born Candy Co., Peeps turned 60 last year.

Peeps Do Their Best to Get Scary for Halloween

More sweet. Less scary. That's the promotional campaign, not the ingredient list.

Marshmallow Easter Treat Peeps Gets Social

While Peeps has been an Easter treat for six decades, who knew that 30 percent of the iconic marshmallow chicks are bought to make cool creations like dioramas, bonnets and birdhouses?

CNN Is Watching You Plus the Latest From the Ad Cave

The Adweek Mar. 11-17

Road Warriors

Last year, the marketing people at Le Creuset were looking for a new way to generate buzz. The French cookware brand didn’t have a huge media budget, but it did have an 87-year heritage—and that gave them an idea.