Why the Peanuts Gang Is Surging in Popularity After So Many Years

There's an ambitious gal running for president who was never satisfied with the idea of being first lady. She's sharp, decisive and, by her own admission, "a little bossy." She looks forward to bursting through the glass ceiling at the White House. Do you know her name?It's Lucy van Pelt.

The Peanuts Marketing Blitz Was Everywhere, but Much of Its Social Engagement Was ‘Dismal’

Over the past few weeks, 20th Century Fox kicked its exhaustive marketing push for The Peanuts Movie into high gear using a strategy similar to this summer&#

Get Peanutized for the Upcoming Snoopy Movie!

Ever feel like you belonged to the world of Charlie Brown and Lucy?Leading up to Fox Family's The Peanuts Movie, nostalgic fans can visit Peanutize Me!, which lets you transform yourself into a modern-day Peanuts character.

More Tricks Than Treats: November Sweeps Begin on Halloween

By a quirk of the calendar, this year’s November sweeps began on Halloween night and will end on the night before Thanksgiving.Bad news, good news.

The 10 Most-Shared Brands on Instagram Video

MTV, the National Basketball Association, the Peanuts cartoon, GoPro and the Miami Heat are the top brands on Instagram video when it comes to shares