Paul McCartney

Will This Megaconcert With the Stones, Dylan and The Who Really Pass Up Sponsors?

How Marketers at Music Fests Are Engaging Fans on Site and Online

Those tickets to Lollapalooza weren't cheap, and they didn't even come with red carpet-style perks that could help turn the upcoming Chicago show with Metallica and Paul McCartney into a cushy, content-rich VIP experience.Bud Light empathizes, festival fans.

IfOnly Sells 2,000 Experiences in Its First Year

While most of the online retail space focuses on selling goods, IfOnly offers adventures ranging from hanging out during Paul McCartney's soundcheck to watching a baseball game with San Francisco 49er Frank Gore.

Coke Warms Up Summer With Foursquare and Paul McCartney

Coca-Cola is dialing up its efforts to combine social media with outdoor events, following a successful initiative around a Paul McCartney concert.

CBS Scores Second Biggest Grammy Audience of All Time

Whitney Houston may have cast a long shadow over the 54th Grammy Awards, but the music community’s response to the singer’s death helped generate huge ratings for CBS.

Sir Paul McCartney Loves His New Wife…and JBL Equipment

Two of this week's big themes—love and music—come together in this Doner commercial for JBL starring none other than Sir Paul McCartney. The former Beatle recently married again and wrote a song called "My Valentine" for his new wife. The song is featured in the JBL spot, which will break Sunday during the Grammy Awards, two days before Valentine's Day.

Heather Mills Accuses Mirror Group of Hacking Her Voicemail

Heather Mills has alleged that a senior journalist from the U.K.’s Mirror Newspaper Group admitted that he hacked into her voicemail to listen to messages left by Paul McCartney, her boyfriend at the time.