Patagonia Rang Up $10 Million in Sales on Black Friday for the Environment

Patagonia made $10 million in sales on Black Friday and all of those funds will go to grassroots organizations that are working to protect the environment. 

Patagonia Will Donate 100% of Its Black Friday Sales to Helping the Environment

Patagonia plans to donate 100 percent of its sales on Black Friday, Nov. 25, to the environment.

Patagonia Doesn’t Want Your Business Today, Closes Doors to Encourage Voting

Don't shop, vote. That's Patagonia's motto today. The company has closed its 29 retail locations and Ventura, Calif.-based headquarters—as well as its Reno, Nevada distribution and customer centers—to motivate employees and customers to spend Election Day voting. 

For Your Consideration: Could a Branded Documentary Bring Home the Oscar?

In a remote Costa Rican village, a group of female entrepreneurs known as the Asomobi (Asociación de Mujeres Organizadas de Biolley) has created a sustainable coffee production business.

Patagonia Goes Full Chipotle in This Intense Animation About Goose Down

You'll never think about down jackets or Blue Oyster Cult the same way again after watching Patagonia's darkly informative new video set to the tune of "Don't Fear the Reaper."

Instagram Video Ads Are Coming Soon

Instagram is a bit of a control freak when it comes to advertising. Every sponsored image is preapproved and every brand thoroughly vetted. Now, video ads are quietly being tested, as the company takes a slow approach to building what could be Facebook’s next billion-dollar business.

Drink Up the Great Outdoors With Patagonia’s New Organic Beer

Patagonia has partnered with New Belgium Brewing on an organic beer called California Route, and the product description is exactly as bourgie and detestable as you'd expect.

Patagonia Is Taking On a Provocative ‘Anti-Growth’ Position

Sustainable products may well be yesterday’s news—at least according to upscale sportswear brand Patagonia.

Ad of the Day: Patagonia

With Black Friday shoppers getting pepper-sprayed at Walmart, it seemed like a good time for advertising to take stock of consumerism gone wild—and perhaps suggest a less selfish approach to holiday shopping. Enter Patagonia.