Palm ads improve just in time for sale to HP

Just as the future of both Modernista! and Palm seemed in doubt, a strange thing happened: They started putting out some pretty good ads together. Palm had reportedly been shopping […]

Palm: a victim of bad ads or a bad product?

With Palm reportedly shopping around for a new agency, the obvious assumption is that the client was unimpressed with Modernista!'s surreal campaign starring an ethereal ingenue on a hill. But […]

Call the Palm Pre Girl crazy at your own risk

Life is obviously quite difficult for the woman in Modernista!'s new Palm Pre commercials. As she explains in her (unofficial) Twitter feed, she's trapped on a rock and worshipped daily […]

New Palm Pre ads: Eerie, excellent or both?

Here's the new installment of Modernista!'s surreal ads for the Palm Pre smartphone. This time, they've gone pretty minimalist, especially considering the debut spot featured 1,000 choreographed dancers. But the […]

Modernista! choreographs grand Palm spot

Here's the first spot from Boston's Modernista! for the new Palm Pre phone. According to USA Today, the ad "features 1,000 dancers directed by three choreographers, including Sun Yupeng, who […]

Santa is skinnier, cooler with a Palm Centro

Get ready this Christmas for a newer, cooler Santa Claus. In fact, don't even call him Santa. Call him Claüs. So the story goes, Santa was sitting up in the […]