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Will Febreze’s First-Ever Super Bowl Ad Pass the Smell Test?

Febreze doesn't want you to stink up the bathroom on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Super Bowl Will Feature the First Ad From an Indie Hair Care Brand

Another surprising newcomer joined the Super Bowl advertiser list.It's A 10 Haircare has purchased a 30-second Super Bowl ad, to air in the third quarter, for the first time ever.

Angel Soft Continues to Build Ads Around Quiet, Relatable Moments in People’s Lives

There's a grown man loitering outside the women's room, but he's no creep. He's a single dad waiting for his young daughter. And a few years later, that same guy is getting a different bathroom door slammed in his face because his teenage offspring is "becoming a woman" but absolutely doesn't want to chat with him about it.A new campaign from Angel Soft intends to "uncover the insightful little moments that we can all appreciate but that you don't see much in advertising," says Karen Costello, executive creative director at Deutsch, the brand's agency.

Two Women Prep for a Pitch (and Some Casual Sexism) in Secret’s Newest ‘Stress Test’

It's a new year! And Secret's "Stress Test" is back, this time with a scenario that's all too familiar for agencies, marketers and entrepreneurs.Two ads, directed by Gia Coppola at The Directors Bureau, feature Ash and Emma, whom we meet as they step into an elevator, preparing for a pitch. This plays out in a rapid-fire Q&A, laced with tension, determination and a clear expectation of some sexist pushback:

Harry’s, the Shaving Brand, Tells Its Whole Unlikely Story in This Fun Long-Form Ad

To tell the origin story of Harry's, the shaving subscription service, co-founders Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield will show you their baby pictures and their boxer shorts.It's their way of explaining how a couple of self-professed regular guys went through puberty, sprouted their first facial hair, felt ripped off by the cost of grooming products, launched a company and angered Big Razor in the process (as in, fielded threats to have their pants sued off).New York-based Harry's, which has used only digital and social media marketing since its founding in 2013, kicks off its first national TV campaign next week. The move follows the debut this summer of a next-generation razor and its first retail deal with Target.The documentary-style ad, from agency Partners & Spade and directors Supermarche, launches this week across YouTube, Hulu and various digital media. It stars Harry's workers, including the baritone-voiced employee No. 2 (Jon Goldmann, director of brand engagement) who serves as its narrator, and its clean-shaven co-CEOs.

Dollar Shave Club Goes for the Really (Really!) Big Laughs in Its Latest Ads

Hey, Dollar Shave Club, what's the big idea?In the brand's latest kooky commercials, razors grow to fantastic proportions. They're roughly the size of compact cars—and sold, appropriately enough, in automobile dealership settings.

Ad of the Day: Land O’Lakes Makes Lovely Use of Amelia E. Barr’s Poem ‘The Farmer’

God bless the seeds his hands let fall ... for the farmer, he must feed us all.

Duracell Saved a Lot of Tears by Delivering Free Batteries to Midwest Families on Christmas Eve

It merits studying how many kids (and adults) cried this weekend because Santa forgot to pack batteries to go with the drone, or those creepy Hatchimals.We hate batteries. More than that, we hate that little "Batteries not included" disclaimer, which is printed so small on otherwise-seductive packaging that even if you wanted to read it while stumbling through the obstacle course that is holiday shopping, it would take five minutes to find.That's five minutes off your whole life.Recognizing that its core product is the source of so much chagrin, Duracell did the best it could this year—short of totally transforming its business and ridding us of the need for AA's altogether. It launched Duracell Express, an on-demand delivery service for forgetful parents and mythological gift-givers alike. 

Ben & Jerry’s Has an Achingly Sweet Message for Those Discouraged by the Election

Many are looking for some sweetness today. Ben & Jerry's is pretty good at that. Following the surprising—and for many, worrying—results of the U.S. presidential election, have a look at the brand's "One Sweet World," a soft-serve story (from agency Nice and Serious) about a troubled town called Coneville.In Coneville, angry lemons have gathered to support a divisive member of their kind. His leafy toupée is swept, not so artfully, to the side. (Subtle.) Things take a turn for the worse when a single cherry, clutching a sign that reads "We taste sweeter together," attracts notice in the hostile crowd. 

Ad of the Day: Secret’s Latest Stress Test Has a Transgender Woman in a Pinch Women Know Well

Becoming a woman is hard. There's that whole awkward adolescence, then the long canyon of negotiating space—with men, in careers, with other women. It takes a while to know who you are, to figure out whether you like high heels or not, hair long or short, red lipstick or something less aggressive.