How the Unlikely Alliance of Ovation’s ‘Versailles’ and Fiat Benefits Both Brands

There's a sexy, lavish new series coming to cable TV, set in the 17th century, that brings a distinctly modern style to the story of King Louis XIV and his royal court outside Paris.

Mick Rock and Isabella Rossellini Highlight Ovation’s New Slate of Shows

Ovation announced three new series Thursday at a press event at New York's CORE Club. 

Machinima Hires New CEO Chad Gutstein

Gaming entertainment portal Machinima has hired Chad E. Gutestein to head its online empire. Gutstein previously was the COO of cable network Ovation, a channel dedicated to the arts.

Independent Cable Networks Don’t Agree on Comcast-TWC Merger

As Comcast prepares to add millions more subscribers to its already vast base, there's one group particularly vulnerable to this newest and biggest player: independent cable networks.

Time Warner Does the Math on Sky-High Sports Rights

Time Warner Cable chairman and CEO Glenn Britt on Thursday told investors that the operator’s RSN strategy is designed to minimize costs in the long haul.

Mendelsohn Affluent Survey: Small Networks, Big Spends

The Mendelsohn Affluent survey measures the lifestyles of folks making six figures and upwards, and this year's edition has some surprising information for television buyers: among the 13,000 wealthy Americans surveyed, many of those who spent the most disposable income were watching tiny niche and foreign language networks.

Ovation Bows First Original Series

Ovation's February distribution deal with AT&T U-Verse has started bearing fruit: with distribution now in the low 50 millions, the network has enough breathing room to start talking original programming.