Oscar Mayer

Parents of Kindergartners Heading Off to School Will Ugly Cry at This Oscar Mayer Ad

Ow! Our heartstrings! Real kindergarteners and first graders star with their moms in Oscar Mayer's back-to-school campaign from Olson Engage. Our story beings with three young mothers prepping their kids for the first day of school. "It can be heart-wrenching," says one mom, while another adds: "It makes me a little sad … That's my baby. The time's going by too fast." There's a tremor in her voice, but she won't really get teary-eyed until after the big reveal.

Oscar Mayer Releases Sizzl, a Dating App Exclusively for Bacon Lovers

Oscar Mayer's love for bacon has taken a romantic turn, as 360i today unveils Sizzl, an actual dating app built for people who dig on swine (which is to say, almost everybody).

Wienermobile’s Pint-Size Offspring, the Wiener Rover, Is a Cute, Destructive Little Bastard

The Wienermobile is one of the world's most revered vehicles, seemingly capable of anything, except for one pretty major flaw: It doesn't actually deliver hot dogs. Which is part of the reason why Oscar Mayer and 360i just created a miniature version called the Wiener Rover—a tiny, indestructible beast that will roam the country delivering a "precious cargo of warm, ready-to-eat hot dogs to fans wherever they find it."

360i’s Sarah Hofstetter on Reaching the Top—and Staying There

CANNES, France—Everyone dreams of being No. 1. But reaching the top quickly introduces a new pressure: staying on top. It's a problem most agencies and brands would be happy to have, and it's one currently being faced by 360i and its category-leading clients like Oreo, HBO and Coca-Cola.

Oscar Mayer App Invites You to Find the Six Wienermobiles

Did you know there are up to six Wienermobiles on the streets at any time? 

Google Expands Its Brand Plans With Real-Time Results

Google is expanding its Brand Lift program that measures how online campaigns influence consumers, and it is sharing results in real time to help advertisers adjust on the fly, Google’s display vp, Neal Mohan, told Adweek. Brand surveys are now offered on nearly all video and display ad campaigns through Google, he said.

Kevin Bacon’s Brother Michael Does Ads for Turkey Bacon in Union of Less Famous Bacons

Brad Pitt's brother did it. Now it's Kevin Bacon's brother's turn.

‘Wake Up and Smell the Bacon’ With Free Alarm Gadget From Oscar Mayer

In case you haven't experienced the surreal delight of being guided from slumber by the smoky allure of "the nostril's north star," then Oscar Mayer might have the alarm clock for you.

Take 2: Real-Time Marketing at the Oscars

Branded tweets during the Academy Awards Sunday night promise to inspire scores of reactions for the second year in a row.

Richard Sherman Can’t Cover the Wiener

Since his stellar defense helped put his team in the Super Bowl and his amped-up post-game interview put him at the center of a media storm, Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman has been everywhere.