This Chicago Agency Creates Playful Campaigns for Major Brands

Specs Who (L. to r.) CEO Tom O'Keefe, CCO Matt Reinhard and president Nick Paul What Full-service ad agency Where Chicago

Tinder Founder Says More Than 20% of Users Swipe Right on Brands

CANNES, France—Sean Rad, co-founder of Tinder, is the face of modern dating. His app is responsible for billions of potential love matches, all based on a rather simple concept: swiping right.

Visa’s Innovation Lab Lets Brands Play With Digital Payments

By all accounts, payments are moving mobile and digital for retailers. But trying to explain what is largely an intangible (and sometimes hypothetical) industry to marketers is nearly impossible, which is why Visa's latest digital bet takes place in a physical space that mirrors real-life experiences.

Travelocity Outspends Expedia 9 to 1 on YouTube, Per Report

With the holiday travel planning beginning to sneak up on people, Strike Social ran its competitive analysis system against all of the digital booking players to see which brands spent more than others on YouTube in the past year.

Brands Are Lining Up to Reach Locket’s 150,000 Users

Locket, an Android app that pays users a penny each time they view an ad while unlocking their phones, may seem like a head scratcher of a business model.

Ad of the Day: Orbitz

Don't worry gents: Orbitz thinks you look great in that skirt.

Orbitz: done joking about the Hernandezes?

Reports are coming in from outraged viewers that Orbitz has edited the commercial above to remove the hovercraft man's comical flubbing of the name Hernandez in his attempt to pluralize […]