Jam3 Turns Crazy Marketer Ideas Into Digital Reality

Specs Who (l. to r.) Mark McQuillan, co-founder and technical director; co-founders and creative directors Adrian Belina and Pablo Vio What Digital design and development Where Toronto

What Will You Be Like in 2034? Chat With Your Future Self in This Trippy Ad Campaign

Twenty years from now, I'll be a silver-haired fox and speak with a British accent, judging from this "Future Self" campaign created by Publicis Conseil and Jam3 for European telecommunications giant Orange.Upload a photo of yourself, and the software creates an interactive 3-D model of how you might look two decades hence. You can ask questions of your future self using your computer's microphone or keyboard.Of course, these are canned responses, but most of the exchanges I sampled were amusing, and a few even felt kind of profound. When I inquired about my (his? our?) finances in 2034, Future Dave explained that money as I know it no longer exists, that it's been replaced by a system of commerce in which nobody feels short-changed. The initiative marks Orange's 20th anniversary, and it's designed to position the marketer as hip and innovative with the millennial crowd. (Yeah, I'm sure the whole emphasis on aging will have exactly that effect.)It's livelier than Merrill Edge's somewhat similar "Face Retirement" campaign, and more fun than this site, which emphasizes an aspect of the future I'd just as soon ignore.Credits below.

General Motors and Orange Partner With Klout

General Motors Canada and Orange, the French telecom giant, have partnered with Klout as the brands look to increase social media chatter around their respective products.

Ad of the Day: Orange

Why does everybody hate the TSA so much?Totally kidding. I know why. Orange, a French telecom, scores points off our very own Transportation Safety Administration in the silence-your-cell-phone ad below from Fallon London, now running in British cinemas. And you can practically hear American voices cheering them on.

The Spot: Cinema Sorta Vérité

GENESIS: In France, customers of telecom Orange can buy one movie ticket and get one free every Tuesday—perfect if you want to bring a friend along. The brief for advertising this promotion was simple: dramatize the idea of getting closer to the richness of cinema.

Orange Gets Movie Voiceover Guy to Read Your Summer Tweets

British telecom Orange and Poke London are continuing with the Twitter stunts, this time offering people the chance to tweet about their summer plans and have it read by a professional voiceover artist (aka some dude named Mitch).

Latest real-time ad gambit: Twitter drawings

Wieden + Kennedy's response videos with the Old Spice guy have inspired a cottage industry of real-time ad efforts. Poke London is a fan of this craze, especially when it […]

Orange turning around singing tweetagrams

Right on schedule, advertisers are drawing up campaigns straight out of the Old Spice social-media playbook. U.K. telecom Orange is putting its own real-time twist on the Old Spice guy's […]

Jack Black in Orange’s fake ‘Gulliver’ trailer

I've been wanting to see Jack Black turned into a giant puppet for a couple of years now, and this U.K. cinema spot for Orange, by Fallon London, has granted […]

Orange loves your goofy self in Saatchi ads

Saatchi & Saatchi in Switzerland and European telecom powerhouse Orange get it right in this new campaign, which is amusing and filled with fun bits while not going totally over […]