How Facebook’s Partner Categories Level the Playing Field—for Good

Facebook would seem to be an ideal ad vehicle for small local businesses. But it's never lived up to its promise. Until maybe now.

GM Bookends Facebook’s Comeback Story

General Motors' return to Facebook advertising may as well as put a bow on what's turned out to be a comeback story for the social giant in the last year.

Facebook Exchange Rolls Into News Feed

Last summer, Facebook began letting advertisers retarget users with ads on the social network based on their off-Facebook browsing behavior through Facebook Exchange (FBX).

Twitter Prepping Bigger Ad Play

Twitter is about to take advertising on its platform up several notches. That could mean tons more revenue for the social networking giant. But it could also threaten Twitter's delicate ad balance with its users.

Social Ad Firm Optimal Ties Together Twitter, Pinterest

As marketers shift more of their media budgets to social networks, they’re pressured to identify the right keyword targets in order to improve their chances of winning bids for users’ eyeballs.

Facebook Cuts Off Reach Generator

As autumn approaches, Facebook is pruning its offerings to advertisers. While the company recently rolled out the ability for advertisers to target customers in their CRM databases, it is cutting off the ability for big brands to make sure a page post hits a majority of their fans through the Reach Generator tool.