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Chobani Tells Inspiring Team USA Stories in Its Multifaceted Olympics Campaign

Olympic athletes need to put good stuff into their bodies in order to succeed. But good food alone won't win them any medals at this summer's games in Rio, according to Chobani's new multifaceted Olympics campaign in which athletes need to eliminate all the bad stuff in order to win.

Chobani Extends Its ‘Flip’ Campaign After Sales Increase by 300%

Earlier this summer, Opperman Weiss created a campaign to boost awareness of the Chobani Flip, which the brand has positioned as its afternoon snack yogurt with flavors like peanut butter and coffee. The campaign has been so successful—sales are up 300 percent over last year—that Chobani is extending it and has tapped the agency to create another spot. 

Ad of the Day: Chobani Gets Real With Ads That Are About a Lifestyle, Not a Product

Twenty seconds into Opperman Weiss' new 90-second anthem spot for Chobani, it's clear something is amiss. A family in the countryside, caked in mud, trudges through fields, but Mom and Dad aren't talking. They're a farming family, but this isn't your typical farming-themed commercial, even though it opens with the almost clichéd amber waves of grain.

Watch the Year’s Most Beautiful Ad About Booze, Rain and Death

A dreary rainstorm and a friend's apparent death might not seem like promising raw materials for an uplifting ad. But this one takes place in Ireland, so it all makes sense. The two-and-a-half minute spot for Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey was made by New York ad agency Opperman Weiss and directed by Laurence Dunmore of RSA Films. It features four friends all dressed up and trudging through the gloriously bleak countryside of Ireland, bottle of booze in hand, seeming to eulogize a fallen friend by singing the Irish folk song "A Parting Glass." Lovely stuff. Fast Company has an interview with creative director Paul Opperman, who says the men recorded the song in Saint Kevin's, the stone church in the film, known for its great acoustics. The film tries to capture what Irish music is like, he adds—"that sense of both melancholy and victory at the same time."brightcove.createExperiences();

Dewar’s: The Drinking Man’s Scotch Preferred by English Women

Dewar's is trying to convince young drinkers that Scotch whiskey isn't just a drink for your irrationally angry grandfather. It's also a drink for irrationally angry hot English women with Scottish accents! Dewar's got Opperman Weiss to make some ads with English actress Claire Forlani (aka Lauren Hunter from NCIS: Los Angeles). The tagline: "Are you ready to take life seriously?" Coming from her, it almost sounds like a threat. I guess they're implying that Dewar's is for serious, grown-ass adult drinkers, which has darker implications. So far they're missing the self-awareness and fun of ads by rivals like Jameson. We'll see if they pick it up in future ads.brightcove.createExperiences();