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Here’s What Marketers Need to Know About Google’s Mobile Upgrades

The future of marketing on Google devices is Now. The search giant held its annual developers conference today, providing a look at the future of its mobile operating system, the next iteration of what is tentatively called M—the next letter in the alphabet after the current OS, Lollipop.

4 Ways Marketers Will Benefit From the New iPhone

Marketers are imagining new mobile campaigns and content now that Apple revealed the future of the iPhone at its developers conference this week.

Mozilla Embraces Native Ads in Firefox Browser

Mozilla is embracing advertising with sponsored content in its Web browser and potentially within a new editorial initiative it calls Voices. The developer of Firefox announced that it would sell sponsored positions within its desktop browser.The company developed a native advertising format called Directory Tiles, which will display promoted content to Firefox users.

Apple Takes Shots at Microsoft With iPad Air, Software

Apple lobbed a barrage of Air to surface missiles in Microsoft’s direction today.