Online Publishers Association

CEO Explains Why the Online Publishers Association Changed Its Name

  Photo: Alfred Maskeroni  

Online Publishers Association Gets a New CEO

The Online Publishers Association, a relatively new organization representing some of the biggest publishing brands on the Internet, named Jason Kint CEO. Kint, a former svp of CBS Interactive and general manager of the group's sports division, replaces Pam Horan, who had served as president since 2006. He'll start May 27.

People Prefer Big, Interruptive Web Ads

So much for blending in.  While the online ad industry falls deeper in love with native ads that fade into the background of Web pages, consumers prefer ads that get in their face by taking over their computer screens.

Success in Native Advertising Hinges on Preserving Best Practices

The drumbeat around native advertising has been pretty loud over the last few months and with good reason. Great online content drives consumer engagement. People are passionate about the content they love and about the sites they visit regularly to discover and share that content.

Heavy Tablet Users Respond More Positively to Ads, Survey Shows

Whether in the subway, airplane or living room, tablet users have gone from being a rarity to a frequent presence over the past two years. But as tablet use explodes, tablet advertising lags behind, even though many users of the devices show more willingness to interact with the ads, a new study shows.

Brands Lag in Use of Social Media

Yesterday’s panel of marketing executives at the Online Publishers Association’s second annual Social Media Day opened with a question from moderator Curtis Hougland, the founder of social firm Attention: How many of the publishers in the room were involved in campaigns where social media was ancillary and how many had campaigns with social media in a central role?