Online behavioral advertising

Users More Likely to Click On Ads With AdChoices Icon

Transparency and choice go a long way toward making Internet users comfortable with receiving interest-based ads, according to the results of a poll from the Digital Advertising Alliance.

Mozilla Moves Ahead With Do Not Track Browser

Much to the disappointment of the digital advertising establishment, Mozilla is going ahead with plans to automatically block third-party cookie tracking in its Firefox browser.

ANA’s Liodice Warns Business to Collaborate More

If there was any doubt that Washington has more influence over the ad industry than ever, just check out Bob Liodice’s opening statement before the Association of National Advertisers' annual policy conference in Washington, D.C.“If we don’t win in Washington, nothing else matters,” the ANA’s president and CEO said.

Rockefeller Reintroduces Do Not Track Act

Privacy is about to heat up again in Congress. Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.), chairman of the Commerce Committee, reintroduced his Do Not Track Online Act, which will give consumers the ability to prevent online companies from tracking them on the Web and using that information for profit.

Facebook Will Let Brands Target Users With Offline Third-Party Data

Last summer Facebook began letting marketers target ads to their existing customers through Custom Audiences.

Ad Networks Beware: Firefox to Block Third-Party Cookies

The Interactive Advertising Bureau' lashed out Saturday at a new Firefox policy to block third-party cookies, effectively cutting off ad networks' ability to track users. That could be put a crimp in the growing online behavioral advertising business, but give privacy advocates a victory in their attempts to give users more control over their online information.

Facebook Ads Will Soon Display AdChoices Icon

Facebook display ads will soon sport the advertising industry's AdChoices icon, allowing users to opt out of the billions of monthly behaviorally targeted ads that appear on the social network. The icon will begin appearing on ads served via the Facebook Exchange by the end of first quarter.

Ogilvy’s Steve Simpson Calls for More Online Ad Transparency

In the age of big data, advertisers need to get their act together when it comes to online privacy. That was the takeaway from Ogilvy & Mather North America chief creative officer Steve Simpson’s keynote address at the National Advertising Division’s annual conference, which is meeting this week in New York to discuss regulatory issues impacting the ad business.

Consumer Awareness of Ad Biz’s Privacy Self-Reg Low, but Improving

The interactive advertising business has done a pretty good job of convincing regulators to give its self-regulation program for online behavioral advertising a chance to the point where the Federal Trade Commission publicly supported the program when it issued its privacy report

Pols Ramp Up Online Behavioral Targeted Ads for 2012

Like a lot of things in Washington, policy doesn't always match up with practice. On the one hand, lawmakers and regulators ponder what policies should be adopted around privacy and targeted advertising. At the same time, they're busy adopting online behavioral targeted advertising strategies for political campaigns.