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Zales Jewelers Gets Heat for Putting a Lesbian Couple in Its Holiday Ad

A new ad from Zales Jewelers is just what you'd expect of a jewelry brand at the outset of the holiday season—30 seconds of beautiful couples, sparkly rings, heartfelt music and emotional voiceover. But its inclusion of one same-sex couple has some people up in arms. More and more brands have been supporting the LGBTQ community, particularly since 2015's Supreme Court same-sex marriage ruling. Jewelers, in particular, have generally embraced the community—it's a good market for selling rings, after all.

Evolve Media Acquires

Evolve Media today purchased the LGBT women's lifestyle site from Viacom for an undisclosed sum. 

Hunkvertising: The Objectification of Men in Advertising

Call it hunkvertising.

Kraft’s Zesty Guy Returns to Sell More Dressing by Undressing

Kraft is bringing back the Zesty Guy for a new series of print ads, despite (or more likely because of) the backlash the brand received last time around from conservative protest group One Million Moms. Zesty Guy, created by agency Being, played by model Anderson Davis and photographed by Douglas Friedman, will be shirtless and sometimes pantsless in ads for the Raspberry Vinaigrette, Classic Catalina, Thousand Island and Classic Ranch dressings. (Check them all out after the jump.) His obsessive need for salad dressings in bizarrely nonfood situations is still a bit odd, but the variety of costumes and settings makes up for it. Plus, he seems like he's having a good time. And to think, he might not have come back at all if the moms hadn't complained about his "g*nitals" the first time around.

Kraft Salad Dressing Ad Gets Best Present Ever: A Slap From One Million Moms

Kraft's saucy ad campaign (via ad agency Being) for its Zesty Italian salad dressing launched in early April, but it's taken a rebuke from One Million Moms to give it a sudden enormous boost of visibility.

Ellen’s Elves Ad for JCPenney Gets Added Bonus of a Protest

Ellen DeGeneres lets all sorts of groan-inducing, size-based bon mots innocently fly as she exhorts Santa's elves to make more toys for a seasonal giveaway contest in this JCPenney spot.

JCPenney Hits Back at Anti-Gay Critics With 2 Dads in Father’s Day Ad

Earlier this month, the anti-gay group One Million Moms (which has substantially less than 1 million members) called for a boycott of JCPenney after it featured some lesbians in its catalog. The retailer didn't apologize and isn't backing down.

Group Targets JCPenney Again, This Time Over Lesbians in Catalog

Memo to One Million Moms: Timing is everything. The conservative group, a unit of the American Family Association, is once again taking aim at JCPenney.