Oliver Stone

This Billboard, for Oliver Stone’s Snowden, Has Been Spying on People in Toronto

Here's a pretty great out-of-home execution for Oliver Stone's upcoming film Snowden, about the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden—a billboard that's been spying on pedestrians in Toronto and streaming footage of their movements on the street.Snowden's revelations about the NSA, of course, raised troubling questions about mass surveillance. And the billboard—timed to the Toronto International Film Festival, where Stone's movie premiered—itself embodies those very issues.DentsuBos and Elevation Pictures set up surveillance cameras with motion tracking technology around Dundas Square. The cameras tracked pedestrians' movements and livestreamed them onto a giant video board.

Don’t Worry: Oliver Stone Still Mistrusts the Government, Media and Technology

CANNES, France—Filmmaker Oliver Stone showed up at Cannes Lions to play his well-practiced, man-disaffected-with-everything routine, to accuse the corporate-owned media of complicity with first world governments, to blast tech giants like Google and Facebook—but mostly to promote his new movie based on the misadventures of whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Oliver Stone Is Smoking a Joint on Cover of Latest ‘High Times’

Chris Simunek, the new editor in chief of High Times, is looking to put hard-hitting, relevant War on Drugs political journalism back into the magazine, which is why he personally led the charge by gabbing with Oliver Stone about his latest movie. Well, I guess that's not fair.