How Postwar Beauty Cream Oil of Olay Freshened Up for a New Generation

In 1949, most housewives would have been thrilled if their husbands brought them a bouquet of flowers. Dinah Wulff was extra lucky: One day, Graham Wulff brought home a new beauty cream—one that the ex-Unilever chemist had formulated especially for his wife.

Olay’s Twins Study Tries to Tap Into Fountain of Youth

Olay wants to prove that its products really do make a difference on your skin. In order to hit home with its point, the company let one half of a set of twins try Olay Pro-X. The other wasn’t allowed to touch the product. 

PopSugar Launches Full-Service Unit The Bakery

If you are a company looking to target the ladies, PopSugar is serving something up for you.