Office Depot Selects New Agencies

McCann Erickson and fellow Interpublic Group shop UM have won Office Depot’s creative and media accounts, respectively, after a review that began in the summer.

Office Depot’s Review Follows Merger With OfficeMax

Office Depot’s creative and media review comes amid store closings at the retailer, which merged with OfficeMax late last year.

ElfYourself Refuses to Die, as OfficeMax Introduces ElfYourself Live

There may be a few remote humans left in isolated areas of the Amazon who have not yet "elfed" themselves. Everyone else has. Yet OfficeMax's ElfYourself holiday app, introduced in 2006, refuses to go away—and in fact is coming up with new ways to digitally "elf" people for the side-splitting amusement of their moms.

How the Election Slowed Down Black Friday

Everyone's heard by now how Black Friday campaigns by Walmart and other big-box retailers are encroaching on Thanksgiving this year, threatening kitchens with distracted cooks and therefore dinner tables with overcooked turkeys.

OfficeMax launching kids out into orbit, too

Space travel is shaping up as a popular back-to-school theme this year. First, we had the BBC spot (advertising a documentary series about schools) in which a mother sends her […]