Occupy Wall Street

Should the NYPD Even Do Twitter Marketing?

The New York City Police Department created the social media bedlam moment of the week on Tuesday when it asked Twitter users to share pictures of cops with the hashtag #myNYPD that could be featured on Facebook.

The Rebranding of Occupy Wall Street

The loss of loved ones and property in the wake of Hurricane Sandy is an undeniable nightmare for countless people.

Are Kirsten Gillibrand and John Boehner’s Deleted Tweets Off Limits?

There's been significant media coverage and buzz over the past 24 hours surrounding Politwoops, a service from the Sunlight Foundation which purports to aggregate politicians' deleted tweets. Sure sounds fun. But does it violate Twitter's Terms of Service?

Occupy Wall Street Plans to Air TV Spot Nationally

Buy low, sell high. Occupy Wall Street channels the spirit of that timeworn stock-market rallying cry as the movement prepares to launch a national TV spot explaining its goals and ideals.